Bank Geeks

I helped with a production of Band Geeks at the local high school.
I actually have been working on a book to teach high school students about the production process.  The book covers pre-show jobs and responcibilities, rehearsal responsibilities, performance responsibilities, and post show responsibilities of a production team.  It isn't a very good book.  I get constant reminders of the mistakes and typos in the book.  There just wasn't anything out there that taught what a director, designers, etc do before a show even begins blocking.  
A person can find all kinds of books to teach acting, basic tech, theatre history, etc.  However, there really isn't anything that teaches how a production really comes to life from conception through strike.  So I try.  It will never go past this group of kids, however.  I don't write well enough for that.  They make sure to let me know that.  LOL.
As part of the "process" students are assigned to "design" the s…
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