Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner Without Whine... could it happen?

Ok… While in the grand scheme of things I have nothing to whine about–I’m healthy enough, I have a job I like (voice lessons and mom… ok I like that most days), have a great husband and kids, a nice home– but today has been a long day and I’m gonna whine.

WHY is it I ate 5 cookies—ARG!!! Now I gotta walk to California.

WHY is it that you can eat lettuce and veggies for more than a week and not lose one pound, but eat one freakin’ cookie and it will require ten hours of treadmill time to remove it from your butt? Who made up stinkin’ that rule?

And WHY is it that every time I’m ready to go somewhere I cannot find one or more of the following–my purse, my sunglasses, the car keys?

Calgon, take me away! Wait… I don’t have any Calgon. Just WHY is that?

And WHY must we have FOUR remotes for ONE tv?? And WHY can I never find the one I need–but the other three are right there, laughing at me (I know they are)… even if they don’t have batteries.

Who decided that French fries and chicken wings would be fattening and artery clogging and Lima beans wouldn’t be? Who decided that a serving size of potato chips is 3 chips? Have you ever eaten just THREE potato chips?? I can’t! ARG!

And please tell me who decided that the seats in theaters should only be wide enough to hold the butts of 7 year olds–that person needs to have their rumps squeezed in a vise.

Why are the misogynistic, violent lyrics of some songs lauded as art? And WHY does my son like to listen to that crap? When did it become cool for young, underage girls like Taylor Momsen and Miley Cyrus to parade onstage wearing next to nothing? Who makes up the rules that say those things are okay?

And WHY is that my kids whine about doing the chores, or about how unfair it is that one got something and the other didn’t, or that they have to do more than the others? The truth is none of them really have to do that much. Today was no exception. Everyone complained about everything I asked them to do. At least one daughter did the dishes here.

And WHY is that I worked all day… I adjusted 3 people… carted my son around… worked on my Stake Seminary assignment… taught 6 voice lessons and I made a nice dinner to boot! WHY do they all complain that they don’t like what I made and get up and make something else? On top of that, WHY do they never clean up after themselves?

WHY is that I saved my money so that my son could have the birthday party at Oaks Amusement Park that he wanted and it was expensive so I didn’t get him lots of cool presents… but he complains that he liked the party but his presents weren’t that impressive?

WHY do kids whine?

I guess whining is something that we all do, but the question is WHY? When you whine nothing really happens other than you sounding like a baby. And if you sound like a baby then you are probably going to be treated like one. But seriously, WHY do people whine?

Enough whining already!

When I whine my problems don’t get solved because I’ve spending all my time whining instead of fixing. So now what?

Think positive! Count blessings!

Today I got a short bike ride in… impressive since I didn’t remember until 8:30… my dishes are mostly done… I got a new student… my foot isn’t aching as badly this evening as it did last night… my husband got the cost of living raise we desperately needed… my son is 15 today and I haven’t killed him for his bad attitude (just kidding… he’s a great kid and I love him tons!)… I got lots of good work for seminary done today… my garden is growing well… I ate oatmeal for breakfast; mixed nuts and Reese’s pieces (oops I caved again) for a snack; pepper salami and carrots for lunch; 5 wheat free cookie my daughter made for a snack (at least them were yummy); and a new recipe of Creole Black Beans and rice for dinner… yummy!... I stayed within me calorie goal… I studied some scriptures…I got 3 loads of laundry washed waiting to be folded in the morning… I watered my flower garden… I’m about to go to bed and my house is mostly clean. Not a stellar day, but respectable none the less.

Ok… a little whine with some cheesy goodness makes everything better.


  1. Add to the positive list that you used a really BIG and little used word...misogynistic...WOW!

  2. Wendy that was positively AWESOME!You are the next Erma Bombeck. You need to publish-girlfriend. Thanks for sharing. I hope to tune again soon. Jules

    PS. You are an inspiration to all of us women who sometimes think things are less rosy. Smiles.

  3. I think you need a comforting hug. . . . Or I think you earned a congratulatory hug. I can't decide which, but you're getting a hug either way!


  4. HAHAHAHA Wendy you are too halarious and amazing! "Have you ever eaten 3 potatoe chips!? I CAN'T" sooo true, its impossible.

    I love you very much and thanks for writing! It really made my morning :). Oh, and you SHOULD be published. Fantastic writing lady.

  5. The answer to why? Just because.