Saturday, August 14, 2010


Reaping My Harvest of Health

Today I watered my garden and couldn’t help but marvel at just how nicely my garden is growing. The plants are flourishing. I can easily get a bowl full of raspberries or blackberries every morning. I have tons spinach, lettuce, swiss chard and snow peas. Beans and zucchini are beginning to come on. All my root crops are getting fat. I even have some cantaloupe and one mini watermelon. LOL. They won’t amount to much, but they are fun to try and grow. I’m looking forward to the butternut, acorn, and spaghetti squash ripening this fall.

My Life is my garden. I started pondering the process of nurturing my Garden of Well-Being. I need to learn how to become my own gardener (personal lifestyle trainer) for my own mind, spirit and health.

Joseph Goldstein & Jack Kornfield share in their book Seeking The Heart of Wisdom, "It is as though we are all artists, but instead of canvas and paint, or marble or music, as our medium, our very bodies, minds, and life experiences are the materials of our creative expression. A great sense of fulfillment comes from knowing this and from actively creating and fashioning our lives."

All of life is learning about how to use the power of choice responsibly. In gardening, if the conditions are right, what you plant is what you get. You also have to fertilize, water, and weed, if you want the seeds to grow and flourish. If you plant a tomato seed, you get a tomato. If you plant a dandelion seed, you get a dandelion. In life, if you plant seeds of well-being and nurture them, over time, you get well-being. If you plant seeds of dis-ease, over time, you get disease.

Whatever I cultivate, over time, is what I get. I need to look at the seeds I have been planting with my choices. If I need to start over I can uproot the plants that I don’t want to keep, just like in gardening. I need to learn what to "weed" out of my life and what to "cultivate."

Prepare the soil… trim and weed… use the right tools... water, fertilize, provide “TLC”...practice, perseverance, patience…

(seeds) ->Thoughts -> Actions -> Results (effects).

May I trust my limitless ability to grow and may I respect the progress I’ve already made.

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  1. I suppose it is also true that each of us may have a different quality of ground. When it comes to good health, the law of the harvest holds true but can't always be compared from one person to the next. I heart you. I like your writing