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Drink Deep....

I have come to a better understanding of the need I have for fresh, “living water” daily in order to successfully achieve my goals in health. Our body is about 60% to 75% water. A person at rest loses about 40 ounces of water per day. Water leaves our body in the urine, in your breath when you exhale, by evaporation through your skin, etc. Obviously, if you are working and sweating hard then you can lose much more water.

Water Functions

• Carries nutrients in and waste out of the body

• Maintains structure of molecules: proteins, glycogen, etc...

• Participates in chemical reactions in the body

• Acts as a solvent for most nutrients

• Lubrication and cushioning of joints, spinal cord, and fetus (during pregnancy)

• Helps regulate body temperature

• Maintains blood volume

• keeps all systems running smoothly

• prevents disease (esp. of the urinary tract)

• keeps you energized

Because we are losing water all the time, we must replace it. We need to take in at least 40 ounce…


This morning as I sat at my desk organizing the day and week, I looked up at the corkboard above my computer and saw the delicate painted egg that a former visiting teacher gave me. I have new visiting teachers now, but I so enjoyed getting to know her then (thankfully I still see her at church and I have the privilege of teaching her and her daughter piano lessons this year).

She is shorter than I am, and she has a body shape similar to mine - round. Her eyes sparkled as she chatted with me and her laughter reminded me of Mrs. Santa - jolly, carefree, unpretentious. As I listened to her I was often struck by how loving she is; how able she is to accept everyone for who they are. My favorite visit I had with her was a discussion concerning our divine potential as daughters of God. She shared a couple quotes from the Ensign and pulled out the most beautiful egg I've ever seen.

Its beauty is in its simplicity; a simple, white, hollow egg carefully hanging on a satin ribbon, delicat…

Developing a my Loving, Self-Nurturing, Inner mommy Voice

I talk to a lot of people who need to conquer a nasty inner voice that degrades and belittles them. I suffer from a little voice that belittle at times as well. How do I break down my emotional walls that keep me from soaring? It’s time to develop my own kind “internal mother” voice.

Whenever I hear a baby cry I sit up and take notice. I pay attention.

In the past I had learned to be an excellent caregiver to my family and for people that I met but I didn't know how to love and care for myself!

One of the most difficult things for me to do was to love me—in practice. To admit I was emotionally unhealthy—that I needed help. To take care of MY NEEDS required spending time on me! I finally HAD to put my needs on the list—first things first—and slow down and stop fixing everyone else. THAT was hard to do.

A day at a time, I'm falling in love with myself AS I AM. I'm respecting myself and treating myself with gentleness. I'm no longer willing to harm myself for ANYone or …

Prodigal... dutiful... rejoicing

This morning I find myself contemplating the parable of the prodigal son. I find myself in the unusual position of identifying with, and perhaps “being” all three characters in the story at once.

The parable of the prodigal son is the most developed of the three parables of the “lost”, the “seeker”, and the “found.” The story chronicles the three act drama: the departure of a wayward son, a parent’s enthusiastic welcome at his return, and the bitter reaction of the dutiful son.

In many ways I identify with the wayward son. I make so many mistakes. Some I feel cannot be erased or “fixed.” I squandered so many opportunities to teach my children correct principles. I wasted some many of my precious minutes on frivolous media and even procrastination. I abandoned opportunities that were placed in my path to better myself, my family’s life, and even the lives of my friends and accountancies. And for what? I know hold the cards of the consequences of my choices.

In the parable, Jesus desc…

Stop the World! It's moving too Fast!

As I keep my life in balance, my weight begins to balance out!

This has been a crazy week. I started my home school curriculum with my kids. School started today for my kids that go to the public schools for choir and math. Seminary started today. Dance started today. And I’ve been at the HS every day working on getting the new auditirium up and running before the Grand Opening Cerimony on Saturday. It’s nuts! There are time I think, “Help! I need to slow down. I’m movin’ too fast.”

We live in an environment—modern American life—that is over busy and over stimulated. I can see it in my kids. They get so grumpy when they have too many activities in one day. Why is it a surprise that I lose control when I am over scheduled? LOL. Sometimes I am a goofball. Everyone around me seems to get caught feeling restless or a feeling of depletion, compulsion, and overwhelm. This is something I am determined to avoid this year!

I like to claim that I am great at multitasking. Maybe it’s because I…

Love Changes Everything

Lately I am obsessing over how to motive not only myself, but my children, to make good choices. It’s hard. I believe firmly that God is very concerned about the quality of my life just I am concerned for the quality of my kids lives. He wants me to do more than just believe in him. I want my kids to do more than just hang out with me. He wants me to keep his commandments to be the best I can be, thus becoming more like him. I want my kids to follow some basic rules to be the best they can be.

When I was a kid I did all that I could to make my parents happy… because I loved them. There was no need for swats or grounding or any other serious discipline. I couldn’t stand to disappoint them.

Jesus expressed his desire for this as he taught his disciples to love him.

If ye love me, keep my commandments.

He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him. (John 14:…

Life may not be fair... it's a circus

My kids (especially my son) believe that life is not fair. At one point my husband and I were tired of hearing “It’s not fair” that my husband made up a game entitle “The Fair is in August” and we played it for family night. More recently “it’s not fair” is coupled with “that’s stupid.” With all the efforts people around me want me to make to make all things fair. With a kid entering her adult phase, 3 moody teens and a 7 year old who believes that she is going on 20, I have decided that life is not a fair, it is a circus. LOL. A quick trip to Google proved that the thought is not original at all.  It ought to count for something that I thought it without ever hearing anyone else say it before.

If you only look at the first statement, “Life is not (a) fair,” it seems to be a fairly obvious, if pessimistic, observation about life. “Life is a circus” seems to imply that life is just a bunch of wild out of control fun. Not so fast.

Life is not without consequences

We visited the county …