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Drink Deep....

I have come to a better understanding of the need I have for fresh, “living water” daily in order to successfully achieve my goals in health. Our body is about 60% to 75% water. A person at rest loses about 40 ounces of water per day. Water leaves our body in the urine, in your breath when you exhale, by evaporation through your skin, etc. Obviously, if you are working and sweating hard then you can lose much more water.

Water Functions

• Carries nutrients in and waste out of the body

• Maintains structure of molecules: proteins, glycogen, etc...

• Participates in chemical reactions in the body

• Acts as a solvent for most nutrients

• Lubrication and cushioning of joints, spinal cord, and fetus (during pregnancy)

• Helps regulate body temperature

• Maintains blood volume

• keeps all systems running smoothly

• prevents disease (esp. of the urinary tract)

• keeps you energized

Because we are losing water all the time, we must replace it. We need to take in at least 40 ounces a day in the form of moist foods and liquids. In hot weather and when exercising, your body may need twice that amount.

All this water information started me thinking. Near my home there is a pond that has all the waste from a dairy continually flowing into it. It smells terrible as you drive by on your way to Salem. I started thinking of the need to have fresh water in that pond in order to make the aroma a bit better.

A good example of this concept is the difference between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. Both are connected by the Jordan River. The Sea of Galilee has fresh, clean water continually flowing in and out of this large fresh water lake. It is “alive” with fish, plants, and wild life around its shores. In contrast, the Dead Sea has a flow of dirty, contaminated water. Eroded soil, minerals, and filth flow into the Dead Sea, but nothing flows out. As a result, the Dead Sea cannot support life. No fish live in its waters. No plants live on the shorelines. No people flock to its shores.

The Sea of Galilee is where the Savior taught many of His great lessons. Here it is where he walked on water; feed thousands with loaves and fishes; and delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Here He called is disciples to come follow Him. Here he taught that He was the “Living Water”.

It is the Savior who cares spiritual nutrients into my soul and carries the “waste” of sin out, just as water nourishes and cleanses my body. “Living Water” maintains the structure of my spirit, just as water maintains the integrity of my cells and their components. It is the Savior who “quickens” my mind and my heart as I draw closer to him through obedience and daily replenishing, just as water energizes through chemical reactions within my body. It is the spirit that lubricates tired spiritual knees and keeps things moving smoothly as I daily partake of “Living Water” through scripture study, prayer, and fasting. It is the Savior who prevents spiritual disease when I keep my eye firmly on Him, just as water keeps my body from disease. In short, everything about water reminds me of the Savior: healing, cleansing, nourishing, and living.

Change of Heart:

I have learned that water suppresses unhealthy appetites naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat. Scriptures and prayer suppress unhealthy temptations and help my spirit repent and “store” faith. Drinking enough water is the best treatment for water retention. Drinking from the words of the Savior daily is the best treatment for “sorrow” retention. Water cleanses. The Savior cleanses. Water helps to rid the body of waste. The Savior takes away my sins, pains, frustration, disappointments, and mistakes. Water helps to maintain proper muscle tone by giving muscle their natural ability to contract and by preventing dehydration. The Savior maintains my spirit and giving me the opportunity to return to peace.

When we follow God’s law we are promised Health, wisdom, treasures of knowledge, strength, and protection from the destroying angel. I have tested this principle and have a testimony of the blessings that come from the laws of physical health and well being. The promises are real!

This really is all about having a change of heart. We must find within us the peace and the courage to change how we look at water, food, ourselves and exercise.

So drink up! Come drink Living water and live!


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