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An Example of the Believers

Being an example radiates from our very being. It defines who we are, what we believe in, and how we act. There is good in everyone. Even though our beliefs may differ, we all radiate something......What is it that you radiate? What conviction shows forth from you that says "I AM AN EXAMPLE of…"? Yesterday I was reminded how important it is to “be an example of the believers.”

I happened to be listening to two people I am acquainted with discussing experiences that they had during the past 24 hours with “Mormons”. In one case, a “Mormon” mom spoke rudely to others, acting as if those around her were there to be bossed around, to serve her every whim, and her superior attitude has soured the opinion of others regarding the beliefs I hold dear. The other experience involved a “Mormon” parent on the war path over a book in an English class. In both cases, those who should have known better treated those they came in contact with some kind of superiority and extended judgment ra…