Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have been so spiritually feed this weekend! My heart is full of such gratitude! There was so much to absorb! I'm grateful that Conference will be published, that I may take the opportunity to drink even deeper from the wisdom and council that the Lord has provided for us. There is just no way is that I can write fast enough, let alone absorb, everything there to learn from those who speak for the Lord. Here is my list of things to seek, pray for, ponder, and apply from Sunday sessions of conference: (I am confident that I will add to it as I study each talk and ask the Lord to grant me a deeper understanding).

Pray and ponder the personal needs of those people that I serve

Seek to trust in the Lord more

The key to happiness is obedience to God’s laws

Obedience can erase the effects of bad habits and addictions

Fervent prayer is the key to concurring things that keep me down

Move forward and don’t look back

Be an example of the believers… in faith and in purity

I am raising tomorrow’s leaders… act accordingly

Be willing to “give up” something for right

Use my lines of communication

Remember to give thanks for all my blessings… rejoice in what I have rather than mourn what I don’t have

Giving thanks is the key to “loaves and fishes”

Make a gratitude list everyday

Say thank you more often

Use the scriptures to teach basic principles

RECEIVE is a command… I have to do something for the gift… remember to desire, invite, and obey to receive

Be consistent

Be strong and of good courage… temptation may be coming like a freight train so get off the track!

Be prayerful

Slow down… again

Christ’s atonement strengthens us to stand tall, steadfast and immovable

Beware of all things that will destroy from the inside out

Create a legacy of love for my family in my journals (blog), example, and words… give them a name to live up to

I am free to choose but the consequences are predetermined

Stay away from traps that will ensnare me and take away my agency

Prayer is a key to freeing me from addictive behavior

Take time to re-read and ponder Conference

Seek to be filled with the Spirit daily! (Thus curving my appetites for other things and eliminating reasons to seek satisfaction of comfort from outside sources).

Keep it simple!

Choose faith! Be not afraid!


After Conference I went and looked up my list from one year ago at the last October General Conference. I was amazed and a little saddened that all the things I learned this Conference I learned then too! How easily we forget the whisperings of the Spirit. But this time I will hard harder to make this a “can do" list… to remember. I know I "can do" it! I "can do” HARD things and GOOD things because God is on my side and the angels will attend!

On a side note… I ask my daughter to make some treats and instructed her to make them with ingredients I could eat (no butter). As she finished preparing the treat I heard her wail that she had forgotten (in a few short minutes) and had used butter. She had made a double batch so there were no more ingredients to make some more for me. I admit I’m disappointed. I was in the mood for a treat… but at least I am now spared of the calories. LOL. Still a reminder that the human brain is a slippery place and it is oh so hard to remember even the simplest instructions. Something more to work on.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Lord's Bounty!

Today was a day of gladness! What a blessing it is to live in a day when the Lord provides us guidance through His servants the Prophets. I gained so much added understanding, comfort, confirmation, and peace. I'm so excited to apply all I learned throughout the day in all that I do! I'm sure I will be blogging about how I learned through the Spirit as I apply these principles in the near future and in the weeks and months to come.

Some of my favorite lessons of the day are:

• I need to be grateful to be a helper. No need to seek being a leader.

• Work on being more honest and sincere in teaching the Plan of Salvation to my kids

• Focus on constancy

• Remember the 14 fundamentals of Following the Prophet

• Attitude matters most when teaching

• Attitude is caught not taught

• Use my time more wisely as I exercise agency


• Spend meaningful time with God through prayer and scripture study

• Spend quality time with family doing the simple things of life such as dinner together, family time, work, and religious studies together

• Service to others develops a healthier outlook

• Learn about myself and to love myself

• Do those in order

• Simplicity is the ultimate suffistication!

• Choose! Choose to love enemies. Choose endure. Choose FAITH!!! Choose the right!

• Be careful that I don’t choose selective obedience

• Light always wins!

• Work on making a stronger marriage

• Be watchful

• Develop a believing heart

• Be thankful God lets me struggle through trials for a long time… it develops character

• Promised results will be obtained!

• Make good consistent choices

• Hold on to the truth…. I am making progress

It’s funny how most of these lessons were taught in a religious context. I’m not sure why I’m surprised, but it never ceases to amaze me that principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can so easily be applied to every facet of my life.

I love Conference!

I also spent time today helping at the HS theater. There is still so much work to do. I love that I can burn so many calories going up and down stairs doing work that I really love doing. I’ve missed creating in the theater. Someday I’d like to be even more involved.

It amazes me - the bounty of the earth! I also harvested 3 buckets of tomatoes, a few squash, cucumbers, and cleaned out the garden. I’m hoping to plant a couple of spinach, lettuce, and broccoli seeds before cooler weather arrive. If I can get them to germinate in the next 10 days I can harvest through December. That would be nice.

As I surveyed my food storage area my heart begins to swell with gratitude. Tomorrow we continue to feast upon the words of Christ through the voice of His servants. How blessed we are!