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Discipline Planning

The week ahead is all going to be about discipline. I’ve decided. I have a plan… I tools... now it's time to focus, push, and dedicate myself to doing what I say I'm going to do.

This past week, I struggled. Oh, I have my excuses… some good, most lame. I am happy to report that I succeeded in eating a salad a day. They were simple, mostly boring, yet still salad. I did not get in my walk every day… nor did I take a picture of a walk or a salad. But this week will be different.

I did some soul searching on Saturday, and realized that there's a possibility I'm trying to self-sabotage… just a little... I've promised myself that I'm not going to let myself do that anymore. Well… at least I’ll give it a shot.

From now on, I will be doing what I say I will - or have a darn good excuse why I didn't...and I'm talking sick kids, family emergency, etc. No "I didn't feel like it" or "I didn't have time" excuses allowed anymore!

I sat d…


I have a couple sisters and a brother who love to run. I’ve never understood why. I know they run for the exercise, but I believe they run to condition themselves and because they enjoy the burn. I have never run a ¼ mile race, let alone a marathon, but I have a dream of entering a triathlon some day. I don’t need to win. I’d just like to cross the finish line still standing.

As a teen I watched my sister run in races. Race day would be the culmination of months of training and discipline. She would begin a good race in the middle of the pack of runners. She looked strong and confident with each stride. Eventually she would “hit the wall”. Her face would twist with the great effort she was using to continue in the race. At the finish line my sister would be exhausted, but elated that she had made it and sometimes, even surpassed her goals.

My journey toward health is like a marathon. Like a marathon, it requires a good strong start (I’ve done that a couple times), and consistent ef…

Stud Fashion Muffin

Back in the day women were desperate to have that “hour glass” figure. They would cinch themselves into uncomfortable tight corsets thought by many to be a vessel of sin. In a desperate attempt to achieve the ideal, some women had their lower ribs surgically removed.

Wow. We haven’t progressed much, have we?
"Corset diseases" such as fainting, hemorrhoids, coughing, and palpitations plagued many fashionable women. Corsets could displace internal organs and cause pulmonary disease, and occasionally led to miscarriages. They were eventually replaced in the 1930s by less constricting, but still reshaping, girdles. Now, in our modern, progressive fashionable advances, we have replaced the corset with skinny jeans.

I hate skinny jeans. I spent some time at the high school this afternoon and was overwhelmed by the number of girls with misshapen legs and hips due to this “tool” of fashion. Whatever Hollywood twit made these things fashionable again should be on my hit list for obviou…

I Fell Into a Vat of Chocolate... Warning! This post is not fit for male viewers or the faint of heart

It is an unfortunate (and disgusting, I might add after I cleaned up after a puppy mess with the bathroom trash) fact of life, all women suffer from ‘the monthly curse’. Some may refer to a woman’s period as “auntie flo is coming to town” or even less articulately, as being “TOM”. Whatever you want to call it, it is never a pleasant experience as it is at best uncomfortable and mildly embarrassing, at worse a woman’s period is debilitating agony that stops life for 5 days of a month. But boy! that time of the month is a BIG challenge!

I can’t stop my chocolate craving! Why is that? I really don’t like chocolate. It’s bitter. So why the craving? If you ask a menstruating woman whether she’d rather have chocolate or world peace, I reckon chocolate would win, hands down.

Fortunately, the cravings are only for a day or two and the way I deal with it is by giving in. I know. I’m weak. Already today I’ve consumed 2 – count them 2 Chocolate bars! Never mind that they were dark chocolate, dai…

Managed Chaos

My life isn't going as planned today. In some ways its going better than I could have dreamed and in some ways I'm too worried about how to get it back on track to enjoy where I am.

There are times I wonder why I even bother planning and making goals. I “planned” on getting a walk in, but one thing after another kept getting in my way. I bet my real problem is that I “allow” distractions. The fact remains, without a goal, I'd be lost.

Goals have become the endpoint in my Mapquest, the search in my Google, the North Star of my travels through chaos.

I’ve decided to make my goals smaller, reachable goals. I’ve determined to work in the "decade" scale… 10 pound increments. I’m thinking that 100 pounds or more IS TOO BIG OF A NUMBER! WHO WANTS TO LOSE 100 POUNDS OR MORE?!!! Not me! But 10? Sure! I could do that! That sounds reasonable! I am in!

So I’m going focus on the 10.

I can't just set a goal and not have a plan on how to get there. It would be like going …

Time Management Issues

Helllllllo! How are you guys doing today? I am feeling pretty darn good for a Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one.

As most of you know and as I discovered, I’m bad at taking time for myself. This is definitely a “work in progress.” Here is the problem. Although I have a weight reduction goal in mind I would say my ultimate goal would be time management.

Take today for example: I got up and taught seminary. I came home intending to walk on the treadmill, but my son was sleeping in the easy chair, stretched out across MY machine. Then I got distracted by e-mail, Facebook, cleaning my room and changing the bed sheets that I didn’t start my walk after I yelled at him for the 5th time to get up and get ready for school. I intended on getting on the tread mill before I picked up the kids from choir, but starting the laundry and picking up the puppy mess distracted me. I intended on jumping on that walk after returning home, but more chores and getting the home school we…

Law of Attraction-- Drama or Butterflies


Who needs it anyway?
Apparently we all love it… Well, maybe not all of us, but check out how many love to read about it in the gossip magazines, which we all know is never true. Look how popular those reality shows are, like The Bachelor or Survivor or Biggest Loser, okay maybe not ALL of us, but definitely the majority of us, or there wouldn’t be so many to choose from.

Of course when drama happening in our own lives we despise it!

... or do we? Have you ever thought that maybe we create the drama that encircles our lives like fast moving electron and protons?

I recognize that I can't control others, but I can ALWAYS control how I react to others.

Nobody's exempt from dealing with life's difficulties. We all have drama at some point in our lives. Right now I have 3 teens (2 hormonal daughters and 1 pubescent boy) and an engaged girl living in my home. Need I say more? With family members, friends, spouses, children? It's inevitable and it SUCKS, excuse my word cho…

Adventures in Raising the Roof - Practicing Simplicity Day 3

I find that I'm the kind of person who is a bit nostalgic for certain aspects of the olden days.

I like the fact that people cooked more meals at home (so much more healthy), baked things from scratch (I miss homemade baked bread), made quilts out of their clothing remnants, grew their own vegetables (one reason I have a garden), raised chickens (good grief. .. I’ve got chickens in the backyard)...

(Either I’m “old” or I’m living the life of a “modern pioneer”. I do all those things. LOL).

I especially like the idea of a "bee." When individuals or families had a big task to undertake (like clearing their fields, building a barn, harvesting, etc.), they would ask their neighbors and friends to come over for a big work party. Everyone would pitch in and work and socialize alongside each other. Afterward, they would often throw big feasts to thank their neighbors and friends for their help.

Today I spent the day working on the set for Much Ado About Nothing at Central High S…

Practice of Simplicity - Day 1

Today is my beautiful daughter’s birthday. She is 13. I now only have one offspring that is not a teen… 3 teens… and one engaged. Talk about complicated!

I’ve been giving simplifying my life some major thought lately. I decided to start a new program for myself, “The Practice of Simplicity.” I’m going to give a shot for the next month. I specifically chose the word practice because of its broad meaning.

prac•tice –noun

1. habitual or customary performance; operation: office practice.

2. habit; custom: It is not the practice here for men to wear long hair.

3. repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency: Practice makes perfect.

4. condition arrived at by experience or exercise: She refused to play the piano, because she was out of practice.

5. the action or process of performing or doing something: to put a scheme into practice; the shameful practices of a blackmailer.

6. the exercise or pursuit of a profession or occupation, esp.…

Keeping it Simple

I’ve been struggling of late to simplify my life — a rather difficult task I might add. There is simply too much of everything, too many distractions, and I need peace. The problem of simplification is a common struggle among my friends and family.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.“ ~ Confucius

Nothing could be more true. I am confident that I am the main distraction I must battle complications in my life.

Good thing my friend Jo is moving “home” to be my “bouncer”. LOL.

Today I read the conference talk by Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf entitled Of Things That Matter Most. It reminded me how simple life used to be.

With modern conveniences and downright addiction to constant forward progress the idea of living a “simple life” has nearly become nothing but a novelty … or so it would seem.

Living a simple life is simply living.

Simple living is filled with smiles and laughs, not complicated and jam-packed schedules. Eating simple means less processed foods. Dr…

Stone Soup

What’s for dinner? That is one of the hardest questions to answer. Stone Age women had no choice but to make do with whatever food their men brought back to the cave after a hard day's hunting. Me? I have to sort through recipes, diets, allergies and picky kids. It just might have been easier to drag things around by the hair, hunt with clubs and skin game with my fingernails.

Wilma and Betty were robust and could live long lives if the odds against accident, infection and malnutrition were beaten. (not to mention Methuselah and Noah who reportedly lived to the ripe old age of a few 100 years). Inheriting a slow metabolism was a blessing… a genetic gift. Think about it. A slow metabolism is the reason why all kinds of animals, like bears, survive. It would make since that a slow metabolism led to the survival of the human race through a couple thousand years when counting calories was more difficult or more easy, depending on how you look at it. (difficult because you had to work…

Toys Not Tools

I applaud anyone who has consistent exercise motivation. I find that motivation ebbs and flows, sometimes I'm raring to go, sometimes I have to give myself a push and more frequently, I'm like a mountain, totally unmovable.

I decided I would try a “new” tool. I got a hypnosis cd and every night I listen to it. I know. It sounds crazy. I even went into it thinking I it would never work, but I was despite for some motivation.

I have to admit… it’s working. I may not be getting physical everyday, but I am doing so much better than I used to do. I don’t find myself dreading or even finding excuses to avoid it. I’d just find myself lacing up my shoes and jumping on the treadmill.

When I was a child, I must have ran around all day, playing with my siblings (I remember the mud pies and chasing water skippers the best), climbed rock piles that masqueraded as castles, swam in the Deschutes at Tumbalo State Park, danced around like an idiot until I passed out. Back then, I called it pl…

This is nothing to sneeze at.

Today I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat, and read one of the funniest weight-loss discoveries I’ve seen in quite some time. That cold I’ve had sometime during the fall or winter since the dawn of time could have contributed to my current dilema… that of un-wanted fat cells.

I had to Google this new finding. There is no way someone reported that. But they did. I found the story in CBS, MSN, and the BBC! LOL! I even found stories that go back as far as 2007.

Personally, I would be excited to find that there was a “scientific” excuse for my weight struggles other than over-eating and under-exercising…. Woot woot! Even the devilish side of me dreamed of accidently coughing and “spreading” the virus to some skinny, stuck-up people I’m tired of watching prance around in perfect runway fashion. You know who I’m talking about… the ones that can eat anything they want and never gain a pound and who seem to look down on me and judge me as if I’m not tryin…

Living on the Edge... Is there Really Life Without a Microwave?

Is There Life Without a Microwave?

Well of course the answer to that question is yes. My grandmother lived without one, my mother didn't have one until I was in high school, I think, and there are millions of people around the world living today without a microwave. I could feed my family without a microwave. The real question is, do I want to?

In this day and age, living without a microwave sounds at the least, very backwards, almost third-world-like, and at the most, totally crazy. With busy schedules, how does one live without one? They're so very convenient for reheating food, cooking frozen meals, defrosting dinner at the last minute, and lots more. Why would anyone want to live without one?

Around Christmas my microwave fried. We've decided with all the craziness and of course expense of Christmas to hold off buying a new one until after the holidays… now it will have to wait until after the big wedding. Apparently Something Bad happened to it. Not sure what exactly,…

Impressions of Water

I’ve been contemplating gaining more motivation to drink more water. Here is a little of the information that is now compelling me to hydrate!

I’ve learned that I need far more water than the suggested 8 glasses a day. The average adult losses about 2 ½ to 3 liters of fluid a day through sweating, breathing, bathroom use, moving, even sleeping, and the body becomes dehydrated if it isn’t replaced.

I’ve even wondered if you don’t get enough water, do you hang on to fat or worse, get fatter? Some scientists believe that even mild dehydration slow metabolism be as much as 3 percent. Besides, I believe that in general, we are so poorly attuned to our bodies’ thirst signals that we often interpret them as hunger pangs. Of course, that leads to more eating. Finally, I’ve learned that if we don’t get enough water, our bodies actually retain water, feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

The most important information motivating me to drink up is that our bodies use water to neutralize acids, …

I Want it ALL... Now! And I WANT you to READ this NOW!

I want it all and I want it now, or even yesterday, if that were possible. Who doesn’t love some of that instant gratification? In today’s world I feel patience is becoming harder and harder to obtain because we are accustomed to having everything done at our fingertips . Growing up I cannot recall the millions of times I heard this from my parents, leaders, and teachers. They constantly drilled in my head that you must be “patient” and “good things come to those who wait.”

Whether my goal is better health, serious weight reduction, managing eating, starting a consistent exercise routine, or plain old disease prevention, all of these goals require moving away from old habits. The toughest thing about changing old habits is that I lose the instant gratification the old habits provide.
Stupid chocolate chips whispering to me from the freezer…

The problem is I am impatient! I want it all and I want it all NOW. I want the chocolate And I want the smaller waist line. I want fresh yummy warm…

Queen Bee Busy

I didn't mean to go missing the past few days. The truth is, I've been busy, busy, busy... As a bee... A queen bee. ....... Today I vow to set an alarm on my alarm and be sure to update at daily! I really need to start writing before 10:30 pm. LOL.

So here I am, home on a Saturday night with my computer – and a glass of water – at my fingertips. Why am I not out socializing and carousing and painting the town red? Because I’m dead tired, that’s why. Besides, I did a little of that earlier in the evening by attending a baby shower… and sitting in the hot tub with my husband and 7 year old.

I’m mostly tired because of my crazy busy bee schedule… a schedule that I have no one to blame but myself. One thing I like about being busy with all this work is that I have no time to brood over what I’m not accomplishing with my goals… which I am very apt to. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, so they say. This and the previous month have been an especially busy period with Christmas, a …

Ode to Being a Bear

… too lazy to blog... ok.. still feeling a bit under the weather… to much stuff going on in life... and I just couldn’t dream up something to write about. I haven’t been able to eat much today because my tummy is still not happy, and I haven’t had much energy for exercise. On top of that, I now have a solid headache. The weather is chilly and I am SO COLD! As this frigid weather lingers, I remembered something received in e-mail a couple of years ago. Sure wish I knew who wrote this little gem. They deserve a Pulitzer!

Every time I read this I smile.

Gonna be a bear

In this life I am a woman. In my next life, I'd like to come back as a bear.

When you're a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for six months. I could deal with that.

Before you hibernate, you're supposed to eat yourself stupid. I could deal with that too.

When you're a girl bear you birth your children (who are the size of walnuts) while you're sleeping and wake to partially grown c…

Rumbly Tumbly

I tried all afternoon to make a menu. Problem. I’m not feeling too well. My tummy aches… almost like I’m hungry but I’m not. Everything is all rumbly and tumbley. I really don’t understand why I’m feeling like this. I haven’t had any of my trigger foods. No wheat, even while my home wafted the wonderful smell of homemade bread. No milk, even though I have been dyeing to warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate. And no soy… to my knowledge. However, I know it’s real easy to sneak soy into all sorts of foods. I’m not convinced it’s something I ate though. My daughter suffered from some kind of tummy ailment over the weekend. Maybe she shared. The bum!

At least I walked 1 ½ miles this morning before I started feeling uncomfortable.

I can’t say I feel to successful in any of my other goals for the week. There is always tomorrow. I think I’ll hit the sack early.

Death By Affluence

I am a BIG fan of mysteries. As a kid I rode my bike down to the library and checked out 70 of the 82 Agatha Christie books and read them by the time I was 15. As an adult, I learned to love TV shows like Castle, NCIS, and even Hawaii 5-0.

Today, I thought, “Huh. What we have here is the mysterious case of “Death by Affluence”.

In the past, only the very affluent had enough money to buy excess food and get fat. Food= wealth. Food meant you have arrived. Over time, the body developed fatty deposits to store fat for long periods of fasting… that period of time where there wouldn’t be enough food to go around, like winter. Those who did not have fat stores stood the risk of dying from malnutrition and only those that got fat during the good times survived the lean times.

I often joke that I carry my “two year supply” with me at all times.

As early as the 13th century, cookbooks discussed the pleasures of food. An abundance of food was considered a sign of affluence and pleasure… Hell…

Fist Out of Water

OK…. This post is really for yesterday, Jan. 3, 2011. I was really in the middle of formulating the perfect post when my day took me for a few unexpected turns; i.e. my car wouldn’t start, the doctor and I played phone tag all day and I still haven’t gotten an answer as to how to proceed with Hannah’s treatment for a possible compression fracture in her neck, and people cancelled or added appointments to my day. Needless to say, I never made it to the final typing of my thoughts for the day.

I’ve been working real hard to fit exercise into my day. Yesterday I tried a “Dance Party” video off Netflix. I can do it. After all, I’m raising amazing dancers. They had to get it from somewhere.

It started with Latin Dance.

March. March. March. Step out. Step out. Step out. This is pretty easy. I can do this.

Uhh…. Now I’m suppose to shake my hips? Add arms? You’ve got to be kidding me!

This DANCE is supposed to be sexy, beautiful and smooth. After all, the word ‘salsa' means sauce, and a…