Monday, January 31, 2011

Discipline Planning

The week ahead is all going to be about discipline. I’ve decided. I have a plan… I tools... now it's time to focus, push, and dedicate myself to doing what I say I'm going to do.

This past week, I struggled. Oh, I have my excuses… some good, most lame. I am happy to report that I succeeded in eating a salad a day. They were simple, mostly boring, yet still salad. I did not get in my walk every day… nor did I take a picture of a walk or a salad. But this week will be different.

I did some soul searching on Saturday, and realized that there's a possibility I'm trying to self-sabotage… just a little... I've promised myself that I'm not going to let myself do that anymore. Well… at least I’ll give it a shot.

From now on, I will be doing what I say I will - or have a darn good excuse why I didn't...and I'm talking sick kids, family emergency, etc. No "I didn't feel like it" or "I didn't have time" excuses allowed anymore!

I sat down with my planner this morning, and really thought about my plans. Before I started randomly putting things down that I wanted to do, I needed to consider if the times I selected would work for me, if there was a possibility I was overloading myself too much, and what I could do to help make my plans a little easier.

After a lot of writing and erasing and more writing and even more erasing - I finally came up with my plans. Thank goodness for pencils!! Oddly enough, my goals for this week are pretty close to what they've been the past couple of months... but the planning on how to make them work - that's what's changed a little:

Mini goals for this week:

• Family breakfast – Monday- Saturday 5:30am

• Walk – Monday-Saturday 7:10 am

• Take a picture on a walk this week - DONE

• Yoga Tuesday/Thursday 8am

• Plan my meals - DONE

• One salad per day

• Take a picture of one salad this week

• Drink at least 60ozs of water each day

• Go to bed at 9:30pm EVERY week night

OK, so everyone PLEASE keep your fingers, toes, and any other body part crossed that I reach can check off every single goal next week.

Salad – Day 14 – simple lettuce and dressing

Practice of Simplicity - Day 12 made my life more simple and planned a menu

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