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Managed Chaos

My life isn't going as planned today. In some ways its going better than I could have dreamed and in some ways I'm too worried about how to get it back on track to enjoy where I am.

There are times I wonder why I even bother planning and making goals. I “planned” on getting a walk in, but one thing after another kept getting in my way. I bet my real problem is that I “allow” distractions. The fact remains, without a goal, I'd be lost.

Goals have become the endpoint in my Mapquest, the search in my Google, the North Star of my travels through chaos.

I’ve decided to make my goals smaller, reachable goals. I’ve determined to work in the "decade" scale… 10 pound increments. I’m thinking that 100 pounds or more IS TOO BIG OF A NUMBER! WHO WANTS TO LOSE 100 POUNDS OR MORE?!!! Not me! But 10? Sure! I could do that! That sounds reasonable! I am in!

So I’m going focus on the 10.

I can't just set a goal and not have a plan on how to get there. It would be like going to Disneyland from western Oregon without a GPS or map or any navigation whatsoever. Not impossible, but it would take FOREVER and by the end you'd be exhausted and probably just wanna go home.

So I map out what I'll do for exercise, what I'll do for changing my eating habits and above all, how to be consistent, then work toward the goal.

It’s just that sometimes, things don’t always go as planned.

However, instead of calling it failure and walking away, I am learning about my pitfalls and moved on. For instance, I can't give up chocolate (a total mystery to me because I’ve learned that I really don’t like chocolate…. It just calls to me and haunts me). Not now. Not ever. NEVER. So I built that into my plan. Dark chocolate only… and a couple chocolate chips a day is doable.

The point is, it's not enough to make a big goal. I have to make a million little ones along the way.

So here is my challenge to you: Write down your goals. Think about them, blog about them, and map out how you will get there.

Map it out, plan it out and put that one foot in front of the other to reach it!

At any rate, today I did 25 minutes of yoga…. But my walk didn’t happen, unless you count walking to and from the church for an activity bringing me to a grand total of 15 minutes of walking. This morning I had cream of rice cereal with a handful of pumpkin seed trail mix. I was surprised that I was hungry within a couple of hours. When I have a veggie omelet I’m able to make it to lunch without feeling the need to snack. My salad was wimpy. All I had was cabbage because I haven’t had to go shopping. I added an apple and called it coleslaw. I got a few more veggies in by eating left over stir-fry (the kids had picked out the meat and had left the veggies). For dinner I made Spanish rice and used my home canned salsa for flavor, corn, olives, and black beans. I’m still looking for ways to add veggies and to replace starchy foods with nutrient rich foods.

Thankfully, tomorrow looks to be less chaotic.

Salad – Day 9 coleslaw… not the best salad… but hey! I ate one!

Practice of Simplicity – Day 6 … not my best efforts… simply survival.


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