Saturday, January 8, 2011

Queen Bee Busy

I didn't mean to go missing the past few days. The truth is, I've been busy, busy, busy... As a bee... A queen bee. ....... Today I vow to set an alarm on my alarm and be sure to update at daily! I really need to start writing before 10:30 pm. LOL.

So here I am, home on a Saturday night with my computer – and a glass of water – at my fingertips. Why am I not out socializing and carousing and painting the town red? Because I’m dead tired, that’s why. Besides, I did a little of that earlier in the evening by attending a baby shower… and sitting in the hot tub with my husband and 7 year old.

I’m mostly tired because of my crazy busy bee schedule… a schedule that I have no one to blame but myself. One thing I like about being busy with all this work is that I have no time to brood over what I’m not accomplishing with my goals… which I am very apt to. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, so they say. This and the previous month have been an especially busy period with Christmas, a couple plays, concerts, students, and kids activities and working on goals.

Yesterday I was busy teaching my kids school, cleaning house, and watching my friend’s little guy until about 1 in the afternoon. Then I headed to the HS for a training on the new sound shell that just got delivered. I followed that with helping kids get ready for an upcoming concert. I had enough time to get out of my sweats and get a quick shower before a date with my hubby. We went to a nice restaurant and a movie. It was nice just to bee hanging out together. It’s bee-n too long!

This morning I got up a little later that I expected… it was nice to sleep in. Then I headed to the HS to work on the set all day. Good thing I only do this a couple of times a year because my house falls down around me because without mom around to crack the whip, nothing gets done. I was grateful that my hubby came down the HS to help too. I looks great. I bet the set is done next Sat… with a little painting and some touch ups to worry about in the weeks to come. When I got home I got a quick dinner before I headed to a baby shower. I don’t normally “do” parties… but hey! I got keep people on their toes.

Weight Loss… hmmmm I’ve leveled off around 300 and have stuck at that. I am feeling ok… tired. But what do you want? It’ 11:30 pm. My shins hurt a bit but that is it, my ankle pain is mostly gone.

So now I’m going to hang up my Queen Bee stripes and get my beauty sleep. It takes a lot of sleep to run THIS kingdom. Off to get my ZZZZZZ’s to add to my BUZZ so tomorrow I can fly like a butterfly and sting like a BEE…. LOL. Night all!

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