Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rumbly Tumbly

I tried all afternoon to make a menu. Problem. I’m not feeling too well. My tummy aches… almost like I’m hungry but I’m not. Everything is all rumbly and tumbley. I really don’t understand why I’m feeling like this. I haven’t had any of my trigger foods. No wheat, even while my home wafted the wonderful smell of homemade bread. No milk, even though I have been dyeing to warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate. And no soy… to my knowledge. However, I know it’s real easy to sneak soy into all sorts of foods. I’m not convinced it’s something I ate though. My daughter suffered from some kind of tummy ailment over the weekend. Maybe she shared. The bum!

At least I walked 1 ½ miles this morning before I started feeling uncomfortable.

I can’t say I feel to successful in any of my other goals for the week. There is always tomorrow. I think I’ll hit the sack early.

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    Are you allergic to soy? My wife, Merrilee, has to avoid soy because of the plant estrogen it has and her previous breast cancer that was estrogen-fed.
    I am doing TSFL which uses Medifast meals and they are mostly soy based and have not had any problems at all. I love them and they are the main reason I have been able to lose weight...
    Just curious about why you can't eat soy.