Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Enchanted Day

Today was an “enchanted” adventure. I had the opportunity to take Lilli and my friend Jo and her little girls to Enchanted Forest, Oregon’s premier theme park of fun and amusement! For a few short hours, this fantasy land in the beautiful, lush forest became a land of enchantment. While I worked at the theater, giving a Voice and Dictation workshop for the actors, my friend Jo took the girls (and Case) to see all the fun that was in the park.

No matter where you live in America, you have access to an amusement park, even if you're living in Oregon. While we may not have a Disneyland or Six Flags, the northwest does have The Enchanted Forest.

Enchanted Forest is home to the Big Timber Log Ride, Storybook Lane, Western Towne, English Village, and Comedy Theater. What makes the park truly magical is the fact that the whole thing is the dream of my friend’s father and was built in my friend’s back yard! Such creativity! Everyone in the family pitches in to run the park and to make it family friendly. I love it.

At the end of the Day, all the kids were fairly cranky and tired. As we sat at the bottom of the hill, waiting for our corn dogs (a small indulgence) I reminded my daughter that she should show me her happy face because we were at the “happy place on earth” for the day. Without missing a beat, a complete stranger, a little girl about 9 years old who was walking past, turned and said, “no you are not. That would be Disneyland.” And walked away. We all stopped. Stunned in silence. Then we all burst into laughter. Butting into our conversation lightened the mood and my sad little 8year old was willing to move forward with the day with a grateful heart.

Besides, never going to Disneyland, thus having nothing to compare it to, Lilli completely disagreed. Enchanted Forest is the happiest place on earth… well at least in Salem, OR.

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