Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Salad Day 79

This isn't the greatest picture but the salad was super yummy!

I have been working all day to get the family ready for a week of fun at the beach and a sand castle building competition.  There is a reason I'm not big on vacation.  It's too much work to pack up the whole house, spend a few days in the wild, and to unpack it all again when you get home.  It would be easier to stay at home and enjoy a good book and a great action flick!  But this makes my family happy.

Thus, today, my salad was made by my lovely daughter just before I dashed out the door to play rehearsal... spring greens, tomatoes, home canned tuna and a little mayo.  This is one of my favorite stand bys.

I've planned a salad for every day at the coast.  I will post pictures when I return.

Meanwhile, I also decided that I needed to do something fun for my youngest child everyday this summer.  Yesterday was these little beauties.  (Sorry I can't remember what website I got the idea from.  It was one of the new blogs I found through Latter-day Homeschooling).

My 8 yr old had a great time slicing the hot dog, poking the uncooked noodles through the hot dog pieces, dropping them in the boiling water, and dipping them in spaghetti sauce.

Today's fun activity was to go shopping for the coast trip and to pick two fun activities to do while sitting around the camp fire.  I will post those pictures when we return as well.

So.... ado... until next week.

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