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Salad Day 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, and 122

Sunday we made fish tacos from the fish our neighbor brought us.  I made mine into fish taco salad.  This was not my favorite taco salad... but it will do.  It included lettuce, radishes from my garden, cilantro, salsa, guacamole, fish, and a few tortilla chips.

Monday I had fresh spinach, radishes from my garden, jicama, and honey mustard dressing.

Monday, I also had a tuna salad with spinach, tomatoes, green onions, my home canned tuna, and a little mayo.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had potato salad... store bought, but it still counts as salad.

Thursday I had a Cobb salad with salad greens, avocado, corn, diced hard boiled eggs, diced cooked chicken, bacon bits, tomatoes and honey mustard dressing.

Thursday was National Chili Dog Day.  I made mine into a Bratwurst salad... fresh spinach, avocado, tomatoes, bratwurst, and honey mustard dressing.

Friday I enjoyed spinach with Mediterranean salad dressing with my wheat free and dairy free lasagna.

National Lasagna Day

Yesterday we Celebrated National Lasagna Day.  I love Lasagna, but haven't been able to enjoy it for 2 years now, due to my allergy to wheat and to pasteurised milk products.  But I have succeeded in finding my way around that!

Dessert Lasagna

OK.  Use your imagination.  Admit it.  It looks a little like Lasagna.

I started with:

Having my daughter make a vanilla cake for the family.  Yeah.  I know.  She should have used the mixed.  Hands? That is what I get for not paying attention to the kitchen.  A least I don't have to eat that one.

And for me...

a gluten free pound cake from the health food store, homemade strawberry jam, banana, vanilla pudding made with coconut milk, coconut, and non-dairy whipped topping.  I sliced the cakes length wise...

Then spread the strawberry jam...

... layered on the pudding and the banana ...

... and repeated...

after the last layer we spread the whipped topping...

Then we sprinkled it with coconut (for the cheese) and a little green coconut (f…

A week of Cheap Summer Fun

This week I need to include that Hannah and McKay went on the Stake Pioneer trek.  All of their belongings fit into a 5-gallon bucket and a dry bag.  It rained a bit the first day, but cleared up and was sunny the next.  Although I think they had some fun, they also claim they won't be doing that again.  Poor Hannah limped most of the way down the mountain.  I'm a little worried about how she is doing.  She has limped for an entire week now.

Summer fun included turning the apricots I got at the Saturday Market into apricot jam.  I love apricot jam.  It reminds me of when I was a kid.  I just have trouble finding apricots in the valley.  The jam turned out so YUMMY!  and I love the COLOR.  Absolutely divine!

The week also included my garden.  You should see it now!  I successfully pulled all the weeds and John bought the bark dust he has promised for the past 4 years.  It is so nice to sit out and enjoy the flowers now.  You can actually see them!

My roses are my favorite.  I …

Fowl Play

Instinctively dogs, will sometimes kill chickens. Usually, it starts out as play, and in an unguarded instant you may have a chicken killer on your hands.

Kirby has put his luck to the test. He “played” with Nibblers, our family pet Banty chicken

Sunday was a particularly rough day for #2 child… the boy she is interested in was returning her texts… she dropped her cell phone in a bucket of water… she thought she ruined a friend’s piece of expensive equipment… and the day was topped by the discovery of a chicken playing dead on my bedroom floor and a guilt ridden puppy slinking in the background.

At first glance, I thought the chicken was dead. She was laid out, spread eagle on her back on the bedroom floor. All the girls were screeching.

I touched Nibblers foot. No movement.

I carefully turned her over. Sudden movement in her wings. She’s alive!

I cautiously picked her up and began to examine her legs, wings and body. I found bite marks around her ear and neck. I really couldn’t u…

Salad Day 116 and 117

Yesterday I made a salad with baby greens, cucumbers, radishes, and jicama.  It was yummy.

Today I ate a large variety of veggies and fruit.  I ate raspberries, tayberries, marianberries, snap peas, fresh broccoli, spinach, etc.  Our neighbor gave us some fresh fish.  My husband like fish tacos, so decided to use the fish in tacos.  I made mine into a salad.  I used mixed greens, radishes, jicama, cucumbers, salsa, guacamole, cilantro, the fish, and tortilla chips.  It's yummy!

An Other Trip to Enchanted Forest

We got an other chance to play at Enchanted Forest.  This time Ray and Kimber came to play with Case and Lillian while worked with the cast of the children show there.

Lillian, though excited that she could go through the Log Ride by herself, didn't want to go unless Ray went with. While they waited in line, Case and Kimber waited on the observation deck for them. Case must have been hungry because he was licking and chewing on the metal fence that keeps people from crossing into the ride area. That's a 2 year old for ya. He really wanted to go with Ray and Lillian on this ride as well. But he is too little. Luckily, Ray and Lillian did have fun getting wet though.

Ray even took Lillian on the bumper cars.  Never too early to learn how to drive I guess.

And he took her "shooting"  I think the gun looks bigger than she is.  The fun was hard for her to hold. Ray made every shot. While they did that Case and Kimber went through "Mc-Something's Saloon." It&…

EFY - Enthusiastic Fun YahHoos

So... part of the summer of fun really does have to include the teens.  This year we sent #2 to her final EFY and #3 to what looks like his last EFY.  I wish he'd give the spirit more of a chance.  I can only do what I can do.  Right?  Still.  If you ask me, the pictures indicate that everyone had a great time!

The Boy's of Chad's group

McKay's group

Played games...

made new friends...

tons of them...

Even performed in a talent show...

Get Out of my Bed!

This morning I decided to research how to get my 16 year old son to sleep in his OWN BED! Help!

Seriously!  This is how he sleeps!  Nearly every night... if you can call it that.  Besides him not really getting any sleep, he is seriously cramping my style on the treadmill!

I am willing to admit this whole issue may be my own fault. After all, I allowed him to crawl into my bed whenever he couldn’t sleep since the day he was born. By the time he was 7 or 8 he didn’t get into my bed so much during the night… he would make a “nest” of blankets on the floor next to me. Now he is an ornery 16 year old… and he WON’T sleep in his bed.

You may wish to mock, in the privacy of our mind please, those parents who are chained to their kids' beds, chained to an endless nightly routine of lying down with the kid, lying down in silence and stillness, hardly daring to breathe, sometimes for hours until said kid finally fell asleep, sometimes not until the wee hours of the night. Or you may be tem…

Restocking Nemo

This week’s summer adventure included restocking the two fish tanks that take up space at my house.

Sometimes I wonder at my own thinking. Seriously! Do you know how many fishies have swum through our house? But I cave… and children are happy.

This time, however, I was determined to make the experience of owning fish a more educational, and even, productive. I looked on the internet to see what I could help the kids do or learn out the new fish.

Jackpot of fun! I found the video of “How to Train Your Goldfish”

BWAHHHHH! Train your goldfish. I trained my goldfish to flush himself down the toilet once.

Never saw him again. BWAHAHAHAH!

I just can’t see how it can be accomplished. I Mean, goldfish have a 3-second memory. I don’t see how you could train one. But… hey! If, perhaps, a single goldfish has a 3-second memory, then three goldfish together have 3*3*3=27 second memory. That such increase our odds of success. Don’t you think?

I won't be koi. Those fish carp diem, and I mean sw…

Salad Day 113, 114, 115

Tuesday was a simple salad of greens and tomatoes.  A bit boring, but it did the job.

Wednesday I spiced up the greens and tomatoes with a little tropical trail mix.  This is becoming my favorite salad additive!

Thursday, I was running late to rehearsal so I stopped at Subway for a tuna salad.  I added avocado for the extra $1  So yummy.  I wonder where I can get that honey mustard.