Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Salad Day 97, 98, 99, 100 , 101 and 102! and INDEPENDENCE FUN!

Holy cow!  I've had a salad for OVER 100 DAYS!  Did you catch that?  MORE then 100 days.  I wasn't sure I'd make it.  LOL.  The 4th of July weekend was crazy busy for me.  I keep starting to write this blog, but time is against me.  TODAY I will MAKE the time to report!

Friday turned crazy busy with myself and my daughter running down to the local park to help set up sound for the concerts for the weekend.  In a life ever so long ago, I worked concerts and such.  It was like riding a bike.  Something a person never forgets.  It is fun to pass the torch on to my kids.  My number 2 daughter is interested in learning about sound so she can have a small summer job.  They will have concerts in the park throughout the summer.  She just might get her wish of a part time summer job.

But for Friday, we set up the equipment all afternoon long and worked a small time concert in the evening.  We had a great time.

My husband was nice enough to bring me a salad from Subway since I was working from 1pm to midnight.

I had my usual... tuna salad with all the veggies, a little honey mustard dressing and oil and vinegar.  It hit the spot.
That evening, a good family friend (return missionary) brought his family to town for a visit.   We all became great friends... almost instantly. It is a true blessing to call these people friends!  They hung out at the park and enjoyed the concert while I worked.

That's me in the background.  You can also see my husband and my son-in-law.  In the foreground is McKay and Ryan.  I loved having Ryan come to visit.  I hope we can all be a part of each other lives for a very long time.  His personality and spirit fit right in around here.

Saturday morning I got up early and got the family ready to attend two different baptism services, dance in the park and work at the concerts in the park.  With these busy days, a mom really needs to think ahead.

For lunch we had a yummy salad with veggies and hummus.  I love hummus.  It's a great addition to any salad.

Once again it was a late night at the concert in the park.  All that carnival food smells good, but I know it's not good for me.  It actually makes life a little easier to know that I have an excuse to avoid it with all my allergies.  One of the kids I was working with wanted me to try apple pie fries.  Sounds and smell divine.  But they are fried in soybean oil and I was saved from those wicked calories!  Sure looked like it would be good.... hmmm.  Now I'm hungry for apple pie.  Maybe I'll go get some apple sauce with a little fake whip cream.

Sunday was Fast Sunday.  We had our friends and the missionaries over for dinner.  I decided to try a new salad.

We grated asparagus stalks with a veggie peeler. Then I made a dressing with lemon juice, vinegar, and sea salt.  I also threw in a little pepper.  It turned out really good!

I also made a layered veggie salad.

This salad included spring greens, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, and olives.

Plus, what BBQ doesn't have potato salad?

We enjoyed a great FHE with our friends and some dessert (I had berries and fake whip cream and my daughter made cheese cake for everyone else).  We had such a great time bonding and chatting.  I wasn't the smartest person in the world, and stayed up late to watch a movie with my son... but it was a smart "mom" thing to do.  He needed the extra TLC.

We also got blessed with a visit from more friends in town for the 4th of July.

Moments like this are the only "sleep overs" we have.  Let me tell you.  It was a party!

The next morning came early.  Our ward had a flag ceremony at 8am.  The late nights and early mornings are beginning to wear me out!  This little gathering serves cinnamon rolls.  That really isn't a good way to start the day, but it's tradition.  I just hung out and mingled with friends and then I went home for some fresh fruit salad for breakfast.

The 4th of July is a big deal around here.  I really needed to prepare for this day.  I packed homemade lunchables by cutting up lunch meats, cheeses, and crackers.  I also packed water bottles, grapes, and corn chips.  Everything into the cooler and off we all went to the parade!  I love the parade!

After the parade I ran home and made Tabbouleh to take to the park.  I had to work all afternoon and evening.  I didn't want to be tempted by the garbage all around me.

That brings me to Tuesday.  I ate the leftover Tabbouleh for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  My family wasn't into it.  Actually, I haven't converted them to liking a salad a day.  Lucky I more then 200 days left to make believers of them.  LOL.

Today I finished off the tabbouleh.

So there it is.  My salads and summer fun for the last couple of days.

Salad Days  are still on track.

Summer fun in a nut shell:
Friends visiting
3 nights of concerts in the park
1 movie in the park
1 parade
a flag ceremony
2 nights of fireworks
a bike ride for ice cream with dad

I'd say this may be a summer to remember for my little Lilli.

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