Friday, July 22, 2011

An Other Trip to Enchanted Forest

We got an other chance to play at Enchanted Forest.  This time Ray and Kimber came to play with Case and Lillian while worked with the cast of the children show there.

Lillian, though excited that she could go through the Log Ride by herself, didn't want to go unless Ray went with. While they waited in line, Case and Kimber waited on the observation deck for them. Case must have been hungry because he was licking and chewing on the metal fence that keeps people from crossing into the ride area. That's a 2 year old for ya. He really wanted to go with Ray and Lillian on this ride as well. But he is too little. Luckily, Ray and Lillian did have fun getting wet though.

Ray even took Lillian on the bumper cars.  Never too early to learn how to drive I guess.

And he took her "shooting"  I think the gun looks bigger than she is.  The fun was hard for her to hold. Ray made every shot. While they did that Case and Kimber went through "Mc-Something's Saloon." It's a hallway with a floor made of pieces of plywood on (Ray says shocks) Shocks that made you wabble as you walk. Kimber thought it was a hoot.

This is Alice's Rabbit hole at the Enchanted Forest. Kimber tried to get Case to go in, but it got smaller and smaller as you went through, plus it was dark. And it didn't help that Ray was making scary noises at the other end. Kimber even crawled half way through to see if he would follow Lillian. But he squeezed past her and ran down the pathway

Lillian loved giving Ray and Kimber the whole tour.... including the creepy witch head slide thing... LOL.  That's what Kimber named it.

Case, of course, loved the train.  I think he could stay all day on that silly little train.

Even Kimber would go on that ride.  Guess it's slow enough.

Case also loved the water bumper boats...

So did Lillian.  Sher sure takes some silly pictures.

At the end of the day Case was all tuckered out.  He fell asleep on Ray's lap while Lillian got in one last ride.

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