Friday, July 22, 2011

Restocking Nemo

This week’s summer adventure included restocking the two fish tanks that take up space at my house.

Sometimes I wonder at my own thinking. Seriously! Do you know how many fishies have swum through our house? But I cave… and children are happy.

This time, however, I was determined to make the experience of owning fish a more educational, and even, productive. I looked on the internet to see what I could help the kids do or learn out the new fish.

Jackpot of fun! I found the video of “How to Train Your Goldfish”

BWAHHHHH! Train your goldfish. I trained my goldfish to flush himself down the toilet once.

Never saw him again. BWAHAHAHAH!

I just can’t see how it can be accomplished. I Mean, goldfish have a 3-second memory. I don’t see how you could train one. But… hey! If, perhaps, a single goldfish has a 3-second memory, then three goldfish together have 3*3*3=27 second memory. That such increase our odds of success. Don’t you think?

I won't be koi. Those fish carp diem, and I mean swimmingly.

When we get our fish to do summersaults and synchronized swimming I’ll be sure to post something.


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