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My un-American attitude about sports

I’m just going to come right out and say it. I hate all sports. Even the ones I sometimes like. Now this is, of course, downright un-American of me and I may even be kicked out of my own family so I’m going to try to defend my position.

For most people in our society, talking sports is as basic and natural a transaction as watching TV, tossing back something to drink or going to the toilet. It's a universally understood way for strangers to structure interactions; for friends and family to build bonds. As young Americans, playing on some little league team or school sports seemes to be the only way to survive in little budding social circles.

First of all, you need to know that I am not opposed to physical activity. And I am no athlete.  I’m a work in progress when it comes to fitness . I go for walks pretty regularly and take the stairs instead of the elevator most of the time. So this isn’t about me feeling all threatened by people with hard bodies. I’ve come to grips that I pos…

I've Been Hacked! Please Help Me Find and Kill Those Responsible

Okay, just kidding, I don't mean kill, but maybe hurt badly, or at least tied to a chair and forced to watch old reruns of golf tournaments... with loud obnoxious music in the background. Someone has used my msn email address to send a whole bunch of spam, some of which you may have received.

As much as I'd like to help you get a great deal on Viagra and/or mail-order brides from Thailand, I had nothing to do with these emails, and have taken measures to insure this doesn’t happen again.

In fact, I had to start completely start over. I was completely frozen out of my old account. Changing passwords and running McKafee and Spybot didn’t seem to stop it. Thus, MSN stopped it for me.

I now have a new e-mail address. I have lost most of my contacts. If you feel like you need to contact me and get my new e-mail, you will need to respond to this blog or my Facebook page. I will then contact you.

Speaking of which, besides changing my mail account password(s) on every account I ha…

Sting like a Bee... the epic story

I must admit, it may have been a little on the overboard side treatment, but it is true. I pants-ed myself in the peach orchard on Friday.

The thing is… I allergic to be stings and it’s been a few years (more like 10 years) since I had a current epee pen.

It’s the traditional time of year to can peaches. Unfortunately, the weather this past spring was not kind to the peach orchards in the Willamette valley. Peaches are my family’s favorite canned fruit. I decided to do what I could to can some peaches this year, despite my crazy summer schedule.

We went out to the peach orchard, but there wasn’t much on the trees. We had surveyed the rows of trees. Nothing. We had given up and were heading down the hill when I was struck!

Ok… I was talking with my hands and my waving hand collided with a flying bee. I screamed. This was bad and started down the hill faster. The bees CHASED me! I even got stung on the butt!

I was feeling a little panicked. We were miles from a town and I didn’t even ha…

A few summer adventures

We have had a few fun summer adventures in the past couple of weeks.

First, Hannah and I went on a road trip to Centrialia Washington to my cousin's Daughter's wedding.  It was at a cute barn and had a Western theme.  The food was great and the company was even better.  It was so fun to catch up with family we haven't seen in a very long time.  I really need to do a better job of making family connections and keeping in touch with aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings.  Life really is all about the family connections we make.  Those connections are what makes life worth living.
The following week, my brother David stopped by from Australia.  He and his family live in Perth.  He came to the states to attend a friend's wedding and decided to make a whirl wind tour of all his siblings homes.  We were his first stop.  The poor guy had jet lag most of the time he visited for two days.  Still, he kept him extremely busy.  We drug him around to all our activities.  We took him t…

Salad Day 128-143

Well it's been a couple weeks since I've posted my salads.  Don't worry.  I've kept up with my goal.  I just have been having trouble finding the time to post all the pictures.

So... here it goes.

August 6

This salad I ate at my cousin's daughter's wedding.  There was so many good things to choose from!

August 7

Home again...  I'm really enjoying hummus as a salad dressing.

August 8

More hummus and garden veggies.  This salad had my first tomato and snow peas from my own garden.

August 9

I made a Couscous salad with quinua.  It turned out real good!

August 10

I went to a friend's house for a BBQ.  She made a yummy potato salad.

August 11

Taco salad for lunch.  It really is a quick and yummy lunch.  I haven't got tired for taco salad.

August 12

We went to the county fair.  My husband was able to find a chicken taco salad... hold the cheese please.  It hit the spot.

August 13

Made a Cobb salad for lunch this day.

August 14

I'm beginning to get more…

I'm still here

I'm still moving forward.  I still have a salad a day.  I've been crazy busy with my regular life and now trying to get Brigadoon ready to open that I haven't had time to load all my pictures of salads into the computer.

I've also kept the summer fun moving along too.  Last week, Lilli went to granda's house.  Meanwhile, we here at home made a fun rasp[berry twist bread for raspberry bombe day.  I have now idea what that is, so we did the twist thing instead.  And we had a visit from Uncle Dave, in from Australia.  The kids also competed in the county fair.  I'm hoping to be able to load that video on to the blog, but I'm not sure how to get it off Facebook.  I celebrated National Left hander's day working on the set for Brigadoon.

This week looks just as busy.  The ironic thing is I'm  busy with registration at the high school.  Who would have thought that school officials would call the home schooling mom for help.  LOL.  Maybe my friend is right.…

A little music, fun treats, and an awe inspiring show

Last Saturday I made the cool mom list... at least for a few hours. The son of a friend of mine, organised a music day at a local shop.  I dragged the kids to see the bands.  Our favorite was a Reggae band called Sol Seed.  They are from Eugene.  We loved them!  They play in Salem again this month at the Peace Festival.  Hopefully, we will find the time to go that weekend and hear them again.

Really... it's not often I can make all the kids happy with one activity.  This one was a winner.  We even had dinner at the cafe while we listened.

McKay and her friend Delia were excited to get a picture with the "hot" band members.  It was good for McKay.  Not sure way, but she has been moping around for the last couple of days.  These men brought a smile to her face.

Tuesday was National Ice Cream sandwich day.  It was also Chad's birthday AND we had the missionaries over for dinner.  I decided to mix it all up... HOME MADE ice cream sandwiches.  First I made the outside by put…

Salad Day 123, 124, 125, 126, and 127

Sunday I madeWild Rice Chicken Salad.  It is one of my favorites, but for some reason I haven't made it recently.  The whole family enjoyed it... so much they helped eat the whole huge bowl of it.

Monday I had a Greek type salad.  I used spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, and honey mustard dressing.

Wednesday, I ate hummus and veggies.  I'm counting it as salad.

Thursady I had a Tuna Salad with spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, grren peas, my home canned tuna, and pepper mayo. mmmm.

Friday I had a Subway salad.  John and I went to Protland to see Les Mis.  We had to eat out and we had to eat on the run.  Subway was my best option.

fading scars

I have scars all over my body.

I have one scar on my left knee from a needle. I was crawling under a quilt my mother was working on and found the needle she had lost. It broke off. Years later, when my knee was x-rayed after a slide into home plate at a softball game, you could still see the eye of that needle floating somewhere behind my knee cap.

I have a scar on my left foot from a rusty nail I stepped on as a child. I remember crawling home from the creek with a board nailed to my foot. I remember the ER doctor had to irrigate the wound because the nail was so scaly with rusty. I remember I didn’t like that. Not one bit. I remember the shot I had to get because of it. That was almost worse!

I have one on my left index finger from a nasty cut I got on the slicer at work my junior year in high school. I worked as the head meat slicer in a sandwich deli. It was a particularly busy day because there was a festival at the park, as well as the demands of the store to meet. I had just fi…