Monday, August 22, 2011

Sting like a Bee... the epic story

I must admit, it may have been a little on the overboard side treatment, but it is true. I pants-ed myself in the peach orchard on Friday.

The thing is… I allergic to be stings and it’s been a few years (more like 10 years) since I had a current epee pen.

It’s the traditional time of year to can peaches. Unfortunately, the weather this past spring was not kind to the peach orchards in the Willamette valley. Peaches are my family’s favorite canned fruit. I decided to do what I could to can some peaches this year, despite my crazy summer schedule.

We went out to the peach orchard, but there wasn’t much on the trees. We had surveyed the rows of trees. Nothing. We had given up and were heading down the hill when I was struck!

Ok… I was talking with my hands and my waving hand collided with a flying bee. I screamed. This was bad and started down the hill faster. The bees CHASED me! I even got stung on the butt!

I was feeling a little panicked. We were miles from a town and I didn’t even have Benadryl in the car.

When we got to the car, the bees has left me alone, but I was beginning to wheeze. And yes… I dropped the pants… just a little, mind you, to show McKay my insulted injury and to be sure there were no more bees. I think it shocked the kids.

I started toward town and called John.

“I got stung by a bee while looking for peaches,” I tell John as we flew down the country road.

“Not good. Aren’t you allergic?” He asked.

“Yes. I think I’d better pull over and let McKay drive. I’m getting dizzy due to the lack of oxygen,” I say as I hang up.

McKay pulled into Wal-Mart and I wandered into the store looking for Benadryl. I just ripped open the box and started drinking the medicine. I told the lady at the checkout that it was ok. I had opened it.

When we got home, I slept for hours. McKay kept checking in on me. I was still a bit groggy the next day.

It is time for a new epee pen.

Pretty annoying for a measly 9 pounds of peaches. At least they were tasty.

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