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I Drive My Car

I will try this again.  I actually wrote this entry and was about to hit save and somehow it disappeared!  Arg!

Believe it or not, we don't have a ton of money just lying around.  I know.  A shock.  At least to our children.  Seriously.  Who has money lying around these days?

We also have a college student.  We would love to help her with her education... we just don't have much more than housing and transportation to offer.  And to offer transportation we really needed to add to the family fleet.  We spent nearly $500 in gas in the month of August.  Driving my Suburban would get real expensive if I were drive my daughter to Salem for work and school and then returning to get her later in the day.  It would also eat up all my time in the day in driving.  I'd be in the car all day.

We started car shopping.  One afternoon we went to a used car lot.  They lived up to the traditional sentiment of used car places.  I think the car salesman was very surprised when I carefully lo…

The End of Lillian's summer Fun

It's a good thing my friends take pictures.  I haven't been good about using my camera.  Perhaps it's because I don't find it convenient to down load them onto the computer and then load them again into the blog.  It just takes so much time.  However, My poor kids deserve someone documenting they lived through childhood.  So, thanks friends.  Thanks for taking pictures of my kids and posting them on Facebook.  Now I have proof that I allowed the kids to do something fun while they were younger.
Meanwhile, summer came to a close.  The last hurrah for Lillian was a birthday party for her friend Lucia at the beach.
I swear she is a fish.

Ah.... good times with good friends.

My Trip Through the Hills of Brigadoon

On September 17 I ended the long journey through Brigadoon.  I had entered the creative process clear back in June with the audition.  My good friend Jeff asked me to join him as his assistant director.  I think it turned into a little more when he assigned me to direct the longest scene in the play.  I also got to clean up scenes, work on character development and keep the show running smoothly in an organised fashion.  I had a great time!
I have to say, I wasn't impressed with e the tech of this particular community theater.  I barely remember the last set I worked on that was covered in cardboard.  I think it was about 25 years ago... and it was old school then.  All the lighting instruments were in sad need of maintenance.  Even worse, they really needed to use more.  You really couldn't see well because the lighting design was that bad.  I tried to make suggestions and was shut down.  I fixed the spotlight one day.  Half way through the rehearsal, the tech director came to…

Salad Days Report - Day 168-183

I was still in the middle of Brigadoon performances AND rehearsal for Wait Until Dark and really didn't have time to make myself dinner.  I stopped by the store and got this yummy Greek Salad and Coleslaw.  mmmm....

September 16 I made a quick salad with salad greens and mustard dressing.

September 17 I made Celestial Chicken salad.  It is a yummy blend of chicken and pineapple and grapes and nuts.

September 18 I made a salad with greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

September 19  This was a yummy salad of salad greens, tomatoes, green peas, corn, chicken... it was a small version of a chicken cobb salad.

September 20 I made a salad greens and tomato salad for lunch.

September 21 I enjoyed a chicken salad

September 22 was Taco salad day.

September 24... kept the Taco Salad going.  What can I say?  I had it all in the house.

September 25 I had a Chicken Caesar salad.

September 26 Taco Salad once again.

September 27 I add scrambled eggs to spinach and tomatoes and had what I call an Omelet Salad.


Salad Report Days 161-167

I'm attempting to keep up this week.  I'm very tired.  My day starts at 5am when I get up for seminary.  After teaching from 6-7am, I've been coming home, changing shoes, and going for a 30 minutes walk with my daughter.  This is good because I've been slacking with exercise.  It's rebellion.  Then I teach my kids home school until I teach voice (from 12-6 on M and T), and then head to rehearsal at the HS (from 3-6 W-F).  This week I am leaving rehearsal and heading to the theater for Brigadoon performances and I don't return home until after 11pm.  Day after day, the same tiring schedule.  I'm tired.

But I'm still going strong in my salad goal.

Sept. 8 I had my version of a Chef salad.  I really needed to us my leftovers.  I am also enjoying the garden harvest.  I think my favorite are the garden fresh tomatoes.  Why do they always taste so much sweeter and yummier?  I love that I have so many.  Now, to get the weather to co-operate so that all those gr…

Seminary Plague

This is my 8th year teaching seminary.  I have to say I'm still working out my groove.  Sometimes I come up with something worth the effort and sometimes I don't. 

The last time I taught the Old Testament I created this activity to get the kids excited about the coming year in seminary.  My goal was also to get the younger kids to make a goal to attend seminary when the time came.  I had to make this summer time activity count! It paid off.  Kids, too young to attend seminary my last dance with the Old Testament, remembered the activity and begged for a repeat performance.
Thus, a version of Egypt's 10 plagues decided on Monmouth.
I started the morning off with having the kids randomly choose one of the 10 tribes of Israel to research; learn who their mother is, what their name means, and where they are in the pecking order of birthright son. I helped them identify on maps the area that will be their inheritance if they were part of the tribe. I wanted them to see how each t…