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Salad Days 195-212

This is the second time I've started this blog.  I was nearly done, and we lost power.  Weird.  The whole neighborhood lost power.  At any rate, I just wanted to catch up on my salad report.  I am still going strong with my salad goal.  However, I wish there was an easier way to load pictures off my camera and on to my blog.  It just takes so stinking long!  So... this is the salad I ate on October 13.
I made a broccoli salad on October 14.
I caved, and got a salad from Dairy Queen on October 15.  It's easy to cave when I'm involved in a show.
Potato salad was the treat for October 16.  Not sure why, but I do like Potato salad... especially with mustard.
October 17 I got a yummy Red Potato Salad at the local store.  I need to get a recipe for this salad.  I really like it!
October 18 I made a salad with chicken patties and mustard dressing.  Yummy!
October 19 I used chicken nuggets in my salad.  I liked the chicken patty better.
October 20 I had to have the Red Potato Salad again…

Salad Day 184-194

I thought I should update the salads.  Yes.  I am still eating salad.  Yes.  It is tedious to chop up all the veggies.  Yes. I should do more to make the salads more interesting.  And yes.  I feel better when I eat them.  In fact, I can't imagine a day without eating a salad.

Saturday, Oct. 1 was a long day of rehearsal, and a peaceful evening of Conference.  I enjoyed a yummy Peach salad.  Something that tasty really should be called salad.It was simple... peaches, cinnamon and sliced apples.
Sunday, Oct. 2 was a welcomed peaceful day of Conference.  I was lucky to have had salad greens in the house.  With rehearsals, school, seminary, and canning apples, I was ready for a simple quiet day.
Monday, Oct. 3 was a crazy busy day... I caved, and got myself a Subway chicken salad.  I was even too lazy to take a picture for myself.
Tuesday, Oct. 4 I made a yummy Gazpacho salad.  Nothing like fresh chopped veggies... most of the veggies from my own garden!
Wednesday, Oct 5 I enjoyed a Tuna S…

Mighty and Marvelous!

A few weeks ago, a cyber friend I'm dieing to meet someday, called me out of the blue and asked me to write a YW in excellence program using M&M's.  She loved a post I made, using M&M's as my object lessons and wanted it to be the theme of their event.  Truthful, I couldn't remember what post she was talking about.  My advansing age is taking over.  LOL.  A few days later, a friend that recently moved to a different ward e-mailed me asd ask for a copy of the "YW activity" she remembered me doing with M&M a few years back.  She had just been called as the YW President and needed a fun idea for her YW in Excellence. 

Was God sending me a sign.

Finally, after an exhausting search of all me musings, I found the post and adapted it to the best of my abiliies to be a YW in Excellence or New Beginnings type activity.

I sure hope it helps my friends... and I'm posting it on my blog in the hopes that it will help someone else out there too.

These idea…