Thursday, November 24, 2011

22 years...

Today is my anniversary.

Funny.  Today reminds me of our wedding 22 years ago.  Like then, today has been focused on family, not the event.  Today we spent making and eating food and hanging out with family.  22 years ago we had Thanksgiving in the driveway of our apartment.  Thankfully, the weather was nice that day was we played some goofy game my mom made up with clothes pins and a milk carton out side of our tiny apartment.  The weather is not so nice today.  The wind is blowing and the snow and rain mix driving side ways.  Thank goodness it's wasn't like that 22 years ago.

There are some days I wonder how we made it this far.  Some years were rougher than other years.  Some years seemed like smooth sailing.

22 years.

Well... at least I still like him.  He can still make me laugh.  His real smile still makes me smile.  I still think he's smart... most of the time.  He still brings me water... even if I trick him to get out of bed to get me some.  He still surprises me... like a cool birthday present of finally fixing the kitchen floor and the kitchen chairs, or the crazy scavenger hunt date with the fabulous Fabio O'Connory.  He still works hard to support the family.  He still lets me drive.  He has stopped trying to get me into canoes and amusement park rides because he finally understands I hate them.  He still likes everything I cook... or is it that he has finally learned that he should eat it or starve?  He will add blankets so I can sleep with the window open.  He bought a camp trailer because he finally learned I don't like camping in a tent.  He let me buy the last car.

I found the perfect card... my style of anniversary gift list.  It said 22 years the gift should be Terra cotta.  I got John a terra cotta dog bowl and made "dog food" with chocolate pudding made with coconut milk and coco puffs.  It made him laugh. 

Hard to imagine in the next 22 years.  These 22 went by fast enough.  I could see the next 22 fly by.  I can't wait for the Burlap year!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Love the "dog food" gift! You 2 crack me up~