Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book of Mormon Challenge in Two Days! Are You Ready?

It's almost time for my book of Mormon Study.  This time I am studying the book of Mormon with my new grandson, Benjermin, in mind.  I've been thinking about what I hope it learns from my most favorite book.  Hear are the basic truths I hope he learns as he studies the Book of Mormon and as he reads my thoughts and testimony that I record in "his" special copy:

a. The Book of Mormon is an independent witness that Jesus is the Christ.  Through this marvelous book I have learned more about the Savior and gained a better understanding of His role in my life.

b. The Book of Mormon is a witness to the Bible. Remember, all saving truth will be established in the mouth of two or more witnesses.  Because of the Book of Mormon, I know the Bible is true.

c. It is tangible proof that Joseph Smith is a Prophet.  There is no way an uneducated farm boy could have come up with such an elaborate story in such a short amount of time.  Besides, he didn't even write it.  He had scribes.  ;)

d. It stands as proof that God is in reality the same yesterday, today, and forever.  AND He remembers His promises.

e. Through it the gospel is purely known. Our commission is not to teach all truth to the world but to teach those singular truths essential to salvation. These truths are known only through revelation and rightly declared only by those properly called of God.  The Book of Mormon does that.

f. It is a scriptural testimony of the gathering of Israel to the faith of their ancient fathers.  It's a family history!

g. The spiritual power and purity of doctrine in the Book of Mormon can bring a person closer to God than any other book.

I do hope Benjermin loves this book as much as I do.  I am excited to get started.  How about you?  Are you ready?  Do you have a copy to mark and to make notes in?

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