Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Hint Couldn't Be Any BIGGER

About a week ago I posted about how I felt impressed to increase my reading of the Book of Mormon.  At the time I was pretty sure I was ready to add one more thing to every day.  Today I'm sure I' had better follow through.

The talks at church today centered the same Conference talk that had prompted my desire in the first place. 

Primary seemed to talk about making scriptures more prominent in your life.

Our home teachers came.  Guess which talk they focused on.  Elder Scott's scripture talk.

Ok... I get the hint.

I've been thinking about giving this marked copy to my coming grandson.  I've been think about when would be a good time to give him this marked copy.  I've been thinking about what would I want him to know about me and about how I feel about the scriptures and the gospel.  I'm excited to get started reading and marking just for him.

This week I will get that new copy of the Book of Mormon.  I will Write his name in it.  I will think and pray about what things will he need most.

This is going to be a great adventure.

Are you with me?


  1. I L♥VE this idea that you are reading through the scriptures with Benjermin on your heart and mind. What a beautiful treasure he will have forever.
    You inspire me.

  2. Awesome! (this was John commenting)