Saturday, November 26, 2011

On to the next Holiday

Well, round one in the holiday feasting has come and gone.

I believe I soundly defeated one of the worst eating days of the year.  I successfully ate a spinach salad, whipped sweet potatoes, turkey and ham.  I stayed away from mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cheese bread dip, cream cheese and yogurt fruit dip, rolls, stuffing and pie.  My mom goes nuts when making pie.  I think there were 14 pies and 2 cheese cakes.  I know.  Tempting.  But I kept in mind the aches and pains eating wheat and dairy bring and I just said no.

Friday... same story.  Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally a gluttonous day of eating leftover.  I ate salad.  I ate GF bread and Marionberry jam.  I did taste the inside of a fruit pie, but no leftover potatoes, stuffing, and the like for me. 

I may have consumed more calories than I usually do, but I didn't come close to eating the caloric intake of family members (teehee) or that I have in the past.

So... I call it a win.  One down, 35 days to go to get to the end of caloric craziness and New Years.

Oh... and Salad Days continue.  I just need to get home to load the pictures of my salads so I can blog them.

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