Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful for... dishwashers

Weekends are rough on my kitchen.  We are so busy playing and working that we let the dishes stack up.  Sure, we get a few loads in, but I can guarantee that by Monday both sinks are full.  Today is Tuesday and I am just now getting so I can see the bottom of the sink.

Yesterday there were

So. Many. Dishes.

But I haven't done it alone.

Today I am thankful for dishwashers... of the beautiful two daughter variety and the power variety.

Today I'm thankful that one daughter did 2 loads and the youngest stepped up and even did a load.

Yesterday I was thankful that dishwashers exist.

Today I'm grateful when they are put into use.  :)
I am thankful to have a dishwasher so that I can get the dishes done more quickly, generally, which allows me more time to do more chores! Who doesn't want to do more chores? Thank you, dishwasher!

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