Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful for... honey do lists (Some how missed posting this yesterday)

Yesterday was an extremely busy day of laying around and watching movies.  Yesterday, Kimber and I had our second annual Harry Potter-a-thon.  It has become "the Birthday" celebration.

Kimber came at 5:45 am and snuck around the house in the dark giggling because she felt like Santa.  Goofball.

I rolled out of bed around 6 and we started the first movie.  John jumped out of bed and got dressed without a shower.  I thought that was odd, but he just said the sooner he got out the door the sooner he could come home.  So off to work he went.  About 15 minutes later he came back into the house with some wheat free brownies singing.  He took the day off to do all the chores I'd been asking him to do for the last couple of years... as my birthday present. 

He worked on the kitchen floor that is now coming up because he never got to seal the crack where the two pieces meet.  He reinforced all the kitchen chairs.  (It helps that we were down to 2 kitchen chairs and all the desk chairs in the house just to eat dinner together.  LOL).  While he did that, Kimber and I put new vinyl on the chairs that he repairs while we continued to watch Harry Potter.

We did take a break to run down to the HS and finish taking down the sound shell and to turn in my work hours.

By 10:30 pm  I was falling asleep.  There was 30 minutes left in the 6th Harry Potter movie.  The house was a disaster.  I will have to clean my house today to get a clean house for my birthday.  After Kimber gets off work we will finish the Harry Potter.

Meanwhile, after 7 years, the kitchen floor is finally glued down and sealed.  After the kitchen chairs biting the dust one by one , we now have a full set.  After 5 years of sticking to the ceiling, the food from a food fight is coming down.  and the hot tub will be working by the end of the day. 

I am thankful for the Honey-do list.... and that it's getting shorter.

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  1. AWWWESOME! Love the accompanying photos!