Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful for... live theater and other forms of entertainment

Yesterday I went to see Lion in Winter at Pentacle Theater for my birthday.

I do love live theater.

I had taken a long break from theater.  Raising kids, lack of money and time, and availability in a small town all contributed to my theater fast. 

As my kids got older and more independent I snuck back into little roles of tech help in the local dance studio and HS productions.  I think it's safe to say that this year I no longer lingered along the edge with my toes in, I dove right in.  This year John gave me tickets to see Broadway tour shows in the Portland.  This year I volunteered at a local community theater as an assistant (maybe even co) director.  This year I designed 4 fantastic sets and lights to go with.  This year I even directed a thriller.

I've missed live theater.  I fear, however, that 2012 may not have as much theater involvement.  Thus far, I am not directing a show.  I am not involved at the community theater for the next season.  I don't know any of the directors.  I will still design a couple shows.  The Broadway series only has a few shows I'm really interested in.  I might get to see a couple shows locally.

But today, or rather yesterday, I am/was grateful for the live theater experience.

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