Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for... the memories... new and old

Today I am thankful for my memories of holidays past and present.
My family loves to laugh... especially when the sentence begins with, "remember when..."

Today as we were all getting ready for Thanksgiving feasting many such belly laughs burned calories.  (Good thing to since we had so much food).

"Remember when dad sat outside and cooked the turkey with his flame thrower?"  Actually, I don't remember that.  It was a year I didn't come to Thanksgiving with the rest of the family.  Apparently, my dad wanted a deep fried turkey.  Being the safety conscience guy that he is, he decided to skip the boil of boiling oil and opted for the turkey in a bucket and his flame thrower.  He sat out there a good 2 hours carefully checking the temperature of the bird and minding the flames.  He finally brought in a char broiled, shrunken offering that didn't make it to the table.  Good thing mom had an additional turkey in the oven.

"Did I remember the yeast?"  Mom was making rolls.  Normally, she is the best bread maker I know.  Today I was wondering if her mind was failing.  She couldn't remember her recipe... the one she has used for 20 years.  Paul talked her through what she put in the bowl.  Even after sprinkling the yeast on top of the dough, the roll came out nicely.

"Pass me a roll."  Jen chucked a roll at Paul and it hit the wall behind him.  It reminded me of the first Thanksgiving that my brother-in-law came to eat with the family.  My cousin passed the jello the very same way.  I do have to say, roll are more aerodynamic than jello.

"Did you just pat my butt?"  My brother brought his family and his brother-in-law who is challenged with cerebral palsy.  They were loading up to go home and Paul picked Tyler up and then needed to set him down.  Tyler got us all laughing.  Paul was a bit speechless.  A miracle in itself.

I think my favorite memory is all the love bouncing around as all the there is no room in the kitchen.  Too many butts in the kitchen.  Everyone working for a common cause.

Or maybe it's all the cousins playing like they've been BFF forever, even if they rarely see each other.

Or maybe it's mom comparing the turkey to my sister during labor.

Or the discussions of labor with the two pregnant women.

Or my sister telling my nephew to (who was pretending to be a puppy) to pee on the wall.

Or maybe it's the surprised look on my brother-in-law's face when I tell him that the P%*py mess in the bathroom included the floor.... and he missed it in the clean up.

Or maybe it's how the women run around making food and fun while the men grunt to football games and take naps.

Or maybe it was the funny little turkey's we made with M&M's, or the kids sliding down the stairs on blankets because they were, "bored."

However, I'm pretty sure that it's mostly family.  My favorite memories of the past are holidays with my cousins, the Whites (Byron, Marara, Moana, Nick, Bobby, and Kiri), and my Grandma and Grandpa White, and even friends all crowded around the long picnic table we called a dining table; quite cozy on rough wooden bench. (Oh and my favorite food was the Trifle my Aunt Marara would bring. mmm).  These memories include all the relived stories, the jokes, the music, and the laughter.

Now, we don't really get many holidays together.  Most of my siblings live far away.  Now we count on phone calls from Australia (Hi Dave, Michelle, and kids), and from southern Utah (Hi Carol and Bob and the boys), and from eastern Idaho (Hi Anna and John and kids).  And then we start in on John's side of the family and the phone calls come from Utah (Grandma and Grandpa, Mark and Lesa and kids, Lisa and JP and kids), and from New Jersey (Hi LeAnn and Phil), and from Colorado (Hi Lorin).  This year there are a few less phone calls because Jen and Craig and their kids and Paul and Gena and their boys, and John and I with our kids all made the trek to Grandma's house.  (Why don't we call it Grandpa's house?) 

So today I am thankful for memories... the old and the new.

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