Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful for... Modern Communication

I am thankful to FACEBOOK, and all other forms of communication. On Facebook I’ve found many old friends from high school and college. I’ve hooked up with people who have moved away. I can keep up with my siblings, some of which in far off places like Boise, Idaho Falls, Phoenix and Australia. Today I got to chat with a former exchange student. I was so excited to hear about his life, that he was back to church and planning on taking his family to the temple. What a day! I am most thankful for Facebook because it makes stocking my kids so much easier. :)

I am thankful for e-mail. I like to write letters and notes, but they often take far too long. I like the convenience of electronic mail.

I am thankful for cell phones. It sure makes it easier to track down my teenagers.

Today I am grateful we have all advanced past sending up smoke signals.

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