Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful for... my bed

It's been a long day.  5 am was ever so long ago.  After teaching Seminary, working out, teaching voice from 9-11:30, teaching Institute from 12:30-1:30, carting Chad to school and then teaching from 2-5, and visiting a sick friend, I went to a rehearsal for the Messiah sing in happening next week.  By the time I got home at 9:45 I was beat.  I am looking forward to snuggling down in a cozy bed. 

I haven't always had a cozy, comfy bed.  One day, as I walked home across the field, I saw my bed go flying out of the bedroom window.  At first I was confused.  Had I been kick out and if so, what I had I done?  Thankfully, my mom had been given a mattress that fit my box spring.  She thought it would be a good idea to get rid of my mattress, with the springs poking through, in favor of a "new-to-us" mattress.

Years later, that same mattress moved into my first apartment as a married lady.  The two of us were very cozy on that full size lumpy mattress... and soon the three of us.... and then the four of us... and it was quite crowded when the five of us needed to be pried out of the bed in the morning. 

Believe me, we were dieing for a new bed.  We were so relieved when a person from church gave us a queen size bed.  There was a little more room to spread out.  However, the lumps and bumps in that bed was pretty hard to sleep with.

Eventually, my brother Paul and his wife got a new bed.  We were blessed with their king size bed.  That bed served will for many years.  However, it too was quite worn out.

Finally, we caved.  We bought our first "new" bed... ever.  For the past four years we have slept like babies.  We bought the nicest mattress; one of those fancy memory foam kind with a warranty to the Millennium.  We may have down sized to a queen size bed... but it was worth it.

Today, I am thankful for my bed.

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