Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful for Parents...

Today I am thankful for parents.

Yesterday was my birthday.  I spent the day "parenting" and attending a school preview with my daughter.  I came home to "parent" the kids at home.  Thankfully, I didn't need to boss them about cleaning up.  John had done that for me.  But I did "parent" and watched the last part of our Harry Potter-a-thon with the kids.  Then I left them to their own devices and went out to dinner and to a play with John.

The whole day, I kept thinking how much what I was doing reflected my own experience with my parents.  I didn't talk to any of my siblings or my parents yesterday.  I guess they were all busy, as was I.  But I kept thinking of of them and memories of birthdays past.

Going to the school thing reminded me of how my parents taught me to love education; to love reading and good books; to value bettering myself.  We aren't going to be paying for my daughters schooling, but we are going to help her with transportation and a home.  I was reminded of how my parents sacrificed to help me where they could, even if they couldn't help me financially, they supported my college in education in every way they possibly could.  My mom even wrote me letters on TP.  Hey!  I got a letter and caught up on the dirt at home AND I had a little something to clean up messes where I was.  :)

After the school thing, we stopped at a fabric store.  We were looking for Christmas ideas and getting the last fabric needed to finish the kitchen chair project of the day before.  I was reminded of how thrift my parents were in fixing things to make thing work.  I was reminded that I was grateful for kitchen chairs and not sitting on benches that my dad said were like traffic cops... had to follow the grain or you got pinched.  I was reminded of all the homemade Christmas gifts; the countless bears and dolls, the badger, the clothes, and even a couple books my mom stayed up late making for us children.

I got home to a nearly clean house with a table in the middle of the dining room full of tools and Gorilla glue and duct tape holding down the kitchen floor.  I was reminded of my dad and all his creative "fixes" around the house.  I was reminded of my mom as I noticed I didn't have to do the dishes and the counters were wiped off.  She's always been good at that and I've always hated that.

We watched Harry Potter and I was reminded of the stories read at bed time and the fighting over who got to sit by who.  The side conversation through out the movie reminded me of how much fun we'd have as kids quoting movies and stories and even Smothers Brothers.  I was reminded of my parents joy in laughter.

At the play I was reminded of my mom as I thought of how she taught me to love theater and music.  I was reminded of my dad and his supportive attitude when it comes to artsy things.  John is supportive like that. 

We came home to a grumpy teen who wanted to go to a friend's house at 10 pm.  My first thought was, "heck no!"  but I was reminded of how my parents handle their difficult parent child interaction and decided that a rude response would not induce co-operation.  I chose to say ok and to remind him of his curfew.  Sure, we had to stay up to give rides, but there wasn't a fight.

So, today, I am thankful for my parents.  I am thankful they parented me and taught me.  I am thankful they are my friends and that they continue to show love in all that they do.  I might not have had the opportunity to talk to them yesterday, but I know they thought of me yesterday.... and they sent me a little money to go towards new glasses.

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