Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful for... SOUP!

You’ve been working hard all day and you come home to a warm bowl of yummy soup. Delicious.I love split pea soup…such comfort food! My kids calls it “slop,” but likes it too, I guess.  LOL.

When you get sick, what does your mom bring you with the cup of herbtea? Big bowl of soup. Perfect!

Think of great childhood memories, or at least good childhood meals, I guarantee at least one of them deals with soup. Why? Because soup is magical comfort food.  That's why.  Lets think about this, soup with its warmth and deliciousness can be made to increase the amount of food we have. Beef, Chicken, vegetables can all be used to make soup, and just about anything can go into it (even in cartoons where they pull out a shoe).

Today was National Split Pea Soup day.  I made soup.  Perfect for the blustery, rainy day that it was.  I even got to share it with my pregnant daughter who doesn't feel well today.

Split pea soup is probably the best tasting ugly food there is.

Who ever made the first soup I thank you (they had to wait for waterproof containers so they could boil water).

Today I am thankful for soup... Split Pea Soup to be exact.

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  1. "Split pea soup is probably the best tasting ugly food there is."
    Aaaaa-MEN! LOL!