Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful for a Way to Make Ends Meet...

In a world where many are under-employed, it is a blessing to have a job.

I am thankful for my husband's job and that his income covers most of our expenses.

I am grateful for the variety of odd jobs that bring in the extra cash we need for groceries, glasses, medical needs, and the rapidly approaching holiday season.  I am thankful for the little people I watch and the small income it brings in.  I am thankful for my voice students and the small income teaching brings in.  I am thankful for the occasional surprise of a stipends from the HS.  I mostly volunteer, but sometimes, I get a little something, and it's always right when we need it most.

I am grateful that my daughter got a job and is earning money for her college education.

I am thankful for a bounteous garden and the harvest of fruits and veggies we canned and preserved for the long winter months.

I am thankful for my food storage and how the food in the garage somehow helps the food budget stretch farther.

I am thankful for the "hand-me-down" bags that show up at our house.  Even I am blessed by these packages of budget stretching goodness.

I am thankful that all these things work together to "make our ends meet".  Without God's mercy and all the little miracles around us, we would never make it.

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  1. I am thankful for said blessings and the gift of frugal genius that you have shared with me. I, too, am thankful for blesings, even when (actually I think "especially when") they come wrapped in trials.
    For exmple: today I found out that our van may be a total, yet due to a loan we took out against it(in order to move here) we will end up with a paid off loan and no car...and if we are lucky, maybe $500 towards our next vehicle. The blessing? Nobody was seriously injured in the deer slaughter and a loan is paid off. The trial? Well, the no 2nd vehicle part. Good thing we live 0.5 miles fom the furthest school, eh? Love you.
    Keepig the Faith, right along side ya.