Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So.... I've been a-wall from SparkPeople for a few months. I started blogging on my "Resigning as General Manager of the Universe blog (although I've backed off on posting on that blog too, due to my attitude issues), and beleived I was too busy to track myself on Sparkpeople.  Plus, I was suffering from a severe case of bad attitude.

The thing is, I have cut all wheat, dairy, and soy from my diet due to allergies. I've been eating a salad a day. No change in the old body. Boo!

Hello! I'm eating like a rabbit for heaven sake!

Ok... I will admit, that after a year of allergy free diet and no change in the body, I didn't make exercise a priority. Sure, I went on a walk, once in a while, with my daughter. I even got on the treadmill a couple times. I just didn't do all that I could to break a sweat every day, like I know I should.

In addition to my grumpy feelings of having a restricted diet and I am exactly the same weight, I was suffering from a severe dislike of exercise due to my childhood.

Before you start to judge me on that account, let me explain. I come from a family that loves sports. I am not good at sports. I tried volleyball until my Junior year in HS and after that Junior year, and never playing a game from 8th grade to my Junior year, I quit. It wasn't worth the pain. This year, I have been reliving that humiliation through my son. He isn't good at sports either, but he tries hard. He goes early to practice. He goes to all he daily triples and daily practices. He goes to an extra weight training class. Still, as a Junior, he doesn't get to play.   In fact, he never played a home game until the very last game of the year... for 4 plays.  Sad.  We all go to every game, home and away games, to watch him stand on the sidelines. His sadness weighs heavy on my heart.

Meanwhile, all those old feelings of how much I can't stand exercise have been screaming loudly in my head.

But it's time, once again, to get over that.

I thought about when I've been most successful with exercise. It was at least 9 years ago when I went to Curves.

So I called Curves. They have a sign up special next week. I called my husband. We decided to make it a priority in the old budget. I will give it my all for one year.

I also get to get my eyes checked today. My glasses broke a month ago. I haven't had the money to do anything about it. However, the headaches at the end of the day are getting old. It's time to bite the bullet and buy new glasses.

Sometimes the "money" bullet is hard to swallow. I work very hard... watching other people's kids, teaching voice lessons, and working down at the HS. Often, my work goes un-paid. I do charge for my services, it's just that some people find reasons as to why they don't pay me... thus, spending money becomes an issue.

But, I've decided. Glasses and help with exercise are worth the expense and the effort.

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