Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - 2 Nephi 11

Jacob saw his Redeemer—The law of Moses typifies Christ and proves he will come. About 559–545 B.C.

Chapters like this really bring me closer to Nephi. He had such a hard life, and yet he delights in the Lord, his covenants and the scriptures. I feel like every time I read the Book of Mormon I get to know him and the other writers better.

Nephi writes how he delights in telling people about the Lord. I know how he feels. I love the teach and testify of the Savior. Every morning I have the privilege of teaching Seminary. I love teaching and testifying of the gifts the Savior has given us. My testimony has grown as I testified to my students of what I believed.

I love teaching because I love the opportunity I have to work with the Spirit to help others come closer to Christ. I could totally relate to Nephi and his joy today!

What did you think/learn today?

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