Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Conference Talk

Today I read Elder Jeffery R. Holland's talk, We are All Enlisted.  Elder Holland focused his thoughts on encouraging young men to prepare to be missionaries.  It was a bitter-sweet read.  Then the comforting thought came into my mind... I am being a missionary just by teaching seminary every morning.  I am being a missionary by helping at the HS on a regular basis.  I am being a missionary by happily greeting people at church who haven't come in years and helping them to feel welcome.  Sure wish I could figure out how to be a missionary to my son.


  1. I read President Uchtdorf's talk from the RS broadcast and liked his bit about remembering to be patient with ourselves. I think that advice is actually a little bit overdone but combine that with President Monson's HT message about the role of courage in an abundant life and I realized that sometimes it takes courage to tell ourselves that I am doing my best and right now that's enough.

    I set a resolution a couple years ago to do my best every day, and it was important for me to realize, eventually, that my best is different on any given day. Some days it's less, some days it's more.

    Anyway, courage to believe that the Lord accepts our offering.

    Love you! -mandy

  2. Great thoughts Mandy! I haven't read that talk yet... but I remember listening to it. Sometimes it is hard to remember that my best is different on any given day. Thanks for that reminder. It helps! :)