Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Boyfriend

I think it is safe to say McKay has a boyfriend.  This is Myles.  He came yesterday from New Mexico to see McKay.  They met at EFY.  He was a counselor.  Not her counselor.  Chad's counselor.  He is here until Wednesday.  While he is here, he is checking out if OSU would transfer his college credits.  He is a Junior studying marriage and family counseling.  Mostly, he wants to work for CES.  I hate to tell him, but it's hard to get into CES.  He had better stick with plan B... counseling families.  Just a reminder McKay, if you move to New Mexico the car stays here.  We can't help you with school.  And I most likely will not be visiting you in New Mexico.  I don't travel.  Just saying.  Myles seems nice enough.  but if he wants to really date McKay and knows what's good for him, he'd better move to Oregon.  Enough said.


  1. Wowza! He made the Blog! If you don't travel, I could just kidnap you and we could go to NM together. :o)

  2. Nope... not going. I really don't like to travel.