Thursday, January 19, 2012

A River Runs Through It

 Today I was feeling for Mrs. Noah.  The rains came down and the floods came up.  I was trapped in our house (well not trapped but it felt like it) with 5 kids, 3 dogs and the cats running in from the down pour.
I had this funny feeling that I might need to check on the condition of our house.  A few years back the city dug up the street to put in fiber optic Internet and removed the drain to our drainage system that John had put in from our drain field around the house.  I guess they didn't like how John had done it.

This is what I found.  Water pouring in from the neighbor's yard into my yard.  What's more?  It was pouring into our crawl space through the foundation vents.  More small problems... our sump pump had died a couple years back and we just never got around to replacing it.

By some miracle, John had stopped over to Home Depot yesterday and had purchased one.  but it was in his car in Albany at work.  What to do....  I decided to call him.  "I think you need bring me that pump."  He headed home.

The water was high enough to nearly bury the big wheels in the back yard.  I grabbed the girls and we started moving all the stuff in the garage to higher ground.  I called Ray and Kimber and got them out of bed.  I needed them to go get Chad from school.

The water kept rising and the stuff in the back yard began to float away.

Chad thought we needed to add draw bridge and a few alligators to our moat.

Hannah braved the cold water and took the first step.

Kimber took the plunge too.

Seriously, the water kept getting higher and higher.

Water was coming down the street.

... across the street...

... from the neighbors....

... we were in shock and awe! (This is actually after it started to recede.  That river was up to the flower pot you see there, on the edge of my porch).

I was ready to brake out the oars, the tubes, the hip waders, and anything else I could think of just to get the mail.

I'm not sure what the college students were thinking parking on my road.  But WOU was thinking for them and sent people home.  They had to.  All the roads were closing as the water continued to rise.

I was very impressed with the rapids.  The water really was moving rather fast for being rain run off.

McKay had to practically swim to her car to go to work.  She called and checked in all the way to work in West Salem.  The roads were terrible all the way in.  She was worried about getting home.

My favorite is that the water no longer went in the drain but was coming OUT of the drain!

... and looked like little geysers coming out of the man hole.  Hannah and I jumped in the car to look at what the neighborhood had in store for us.  We are the lowest point, after all.

This is Stadium Road next to the WOU football field.  They had to pump water out of the stadium.

This little car nearly stayed in there.  Why do people not remember that they need to drive slow in big puddles.

Water was pouring in from the farm fields behind the church.

Kirby didn't like the rain.  He ran under the deck.  All the water made all the garbage float to the surface.  LOL.  What a mess!

Charlie was just plain confused.

We had to pull out the dryer to get to the crawl space.  The laundry baskets began to float away.  John had to do all of his least favorite things... crawl in small spaces... cold water... dark... dirt.... and WORK.  He pumped the water down enough that he could get into the crawl space.  Then he crawled under the house through 4 inches of cold water, clear to the far end of the house, and installed the sump pump.  Did I mention he doesn't like going under the house?

The water kept running for several hours.  The rain slowed down.  We had to open the doors because they were acting like dams.

It was even rippling through the garage.  We had baby rapids.

This is the real problem.  Marr court behind our house flooded from the field behind it..  Once it reached the doors of the houses directly behind our house, the water went around to our yard.  I wish the city would listen when we all say there needs to be a better drainage system on Marr Court.

We were not alone.  Riddle road, just north of us and WOU was closed due to flooding.

With all the road closures there was only one way in and out of our house.

This is what the foot path bridge  in Gentle Wood Park looked like.

And here is the pavilion it led too.  I wonder if we will get nice picnics there this summer.  It won't be anytime soon!

Hwy 99 in Rickreall looked like this.  We were blessed with a little let up in the rain this afternoon.  However, the weather guessers claim that we have an approaching storm for tonight too.  I hear we have 6 more days of rain on the way.  They have now cancelled school for tomorrow due to flooding.  They cancelled after school activities today too.  For now, they are allowing Snowball on Saturday... be they cancelled rehearsal for tonight and tomorrow.  I hope Cinderella will be ready.  Yikes!
I guess I will be like Mrs. Noah.

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