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Book of Mormon Study - Mosiah 9

Zennif was the total optimist of the Book of Mormon. He saw the good in others, had courage, and was willing to fight for it. He was trusting and hardworking- and a master gardener. I like him. :)  I wish he grew crops in my back yard.

What a different time- a different kind of  life. They were pleased with twelve years of peace, even though they were captives- We, not having a war on our homeland for hundreds of years,  we whine about politics.  They fought and died for their rights. It's crazy when you think about it.

Zeniff mentions in verse 17 that they were awakened to the remembrance of the deliverance of their fathers after twelve years of peace. It doesn't take long to forget the sacrifice of those who went before us.  I can't believe how quickly we forget the sacrifices of our veterans and the lessons we learned over the past couple hundred years in war... World War I, world War II, Korean War, Vietnam war...  War, war, war... Why do we never learn?

And I can't imagine how he must have felt burying the dead- his family and friends. Do you think he felt responsible? Do you think he felt remorse?

What did you think/learn today?


  1. Trying to see through the eyes of the different people in the Book of Mormon makes them seem more real. I hadn't really thought too much about Zeniff as a person before. I like your comments. They will make it seem more real and personal when I get to that part again.


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