Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Alma 11

I’ve wonder why they spent so many verses on the money system. Perhaps it is to point out that six onties of silver was a generous amount. I wouldn't have known that without the explanation in the first few verses.

Even though it was a very large amount, Amulek still resisted, saying that a righteous person wouldn't give into a bribe. Maybe that's what they talk about when they say in the last days that men's hearts will fail them. They will give in to the temptations of worldly goods and pleasures.

We are sometimes faced with the temptation to trade our testimony for personal gain or selfish interests. True happiness comes from living righteously.

To live righteously is to work for our wages. To live honestly is to pay a fair wage that do work for us. Perhaps, to live righteously is to work to learn not to get gain. To live righteously is to never trade our testimony for power, popularity, money, or worldly pleasures. To live righteously is to teach what the Holy Ghost permits us to teach. People must be ready to learn before the Spirit can witness the truth.

I also love the explanation that Jesus Christ will not save His people IN their sins. (Alma 11:34.) Christ saves us FROM our sins when we approach Him with humble hearts.

I also love the clear doctrine regarding Jesus Christ as the Eternal Father. Many people are confused by this doctrine. He is:

He created the earth, which sustains our life. He is our Father through His Creation. (See Hebrews 1:1–2; Moses 1:31–33.)

He brings about the Resurrection. He is the Father of our resurrected bodies. (See 1 Corinthians 15:22; Alma 11:42; Mormon 9:12.)

He provides a newness of life through the Atonement. He is the Father of our spiritual rebirth. (See Moroni 10:33; Moses 6:59.)

He changes our nature as we repent and follow Him and makes us part of His family. He becomes our Father as we take on ourselves His name. (See Mosiah 5:7–8; 27:25.)

Still, it is important to understand that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are separate and distinct beings.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie: “Since it is the prophetic purpose to lead men to full salvation in the highest heaven of the celestial world, when [prophets] speak and write about salvation, almost without exception, they mean eternal life or exaltation. They use the terms salvation, exaltation, and eternal life as synonyms, as words that mean exactly the same thing without any difference, distinction, or variance whatever” (The Promised Messiah: The First Coming of Christ [1978], 129).

These are a great definitions to write in your scriptures:
• Redemption: Deliverance from the effects of the Fall and sin through Christ’s Atonement.
• Temporal death: Separation of the spirit from the body.
• Reunited: Brought together again.
• Restored: Returned to a former condition.
• Recollection: Memory.
• Arraigned: Called to account for actions.
• Mortal: Subject to death.
• Corruption: Decomposition as a result of death.
Of course anytime the Savior is spoken of, I love it. Verses 42-44 are mastery scriptures, ones that missionaries and teachers alike have used to teach people about The Atonement and the resurrection and judgment. Love it!

What did you think/learn today?

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