Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Alma 20

I've missed a couple days of scripture reading and blogging.  My problem is - if I don't do it first thing in the day I don't get around to it.  My days are filled.  My kids are coming and going. 

My exercise habit suffers from the same bitter reality.  Sadly, everything can't be done "first" everyday.  Something has to come in second.

So, today I repent.  Today I read Alma 20.

The first six verses are a beautiful example of faith. The Lord told Ammon where to go, and he followed the direction. Lamoni is one of my favorite people. He was totally excited to share the gospel with his dad, but when he heard Ammon had to save his brothers, he set his personal agenda aside to help his friend. After he decided to go with Ammon (and not because he thought Ammon needed his help- see vs 4, but he wanted to to do his part) he found out that Ammon receieved his direction directly from the Lord.

Lamoni did not doubt or second guess. He simply got his his horses ready and went with him.

I also had a few thoughts about anger as I read through these verses.  First, DANGER, DANGER!  Anger always harms others and yourself.  Second, the size of a man may be measures by the size of the things make him angry.  Seriously, anger gets you know where.  So, why do I always fall into it's trap?
I was also impressed with how love is what changed anger.  Love can overcome bitterness, hate, anger, and resentment.  Love can replace it with with peace, unity, and concern for others.  Ammon's example of love and commitment spoke equally with his word.  Love does change everything!
What did you think/learn today?

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