Monday, April 30, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Alma 21

It's interesting how the Amalekite was defensive, basically asking Aaron, "Who do you think you are judging me? How do you know my intentions? You don't know me."

That sounds a bit like people today who are called to repentance... and get all defensive.

Aaron's response had nothing to do with their intentions. He went right to the gospel and what they believed. Then, he turned to the scriptures to teach them.

It's the best way.

Verse 15 kinda cracks me up. "...and thus they were delivered for the first time out of prison..." Poor guys! I wonder if they would have done the same thing if they knew how many times they would be cast into prison. I've heard people ask themselves that: If I knew this would be so hard I wouldn't have signed up for it.

I'm guilty of that.  I guess that is why we don't get to know the future.  We really do have to wade through the crap.

Well, we did sign up for this- and guess what- we kinda had an idea our lives would be this hard. Lol. Sometimes I feel like, if my life were scriptures, it would read "...and thus she was delivered for the fortieth time out of a wailing fit of tears and frustration..." Lol!

Of course there are a lot of other wonderful things in this chapter, but that's all I have time to write today!

What did you think/learn today?

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