Friday, April 13, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Conference talk

sorry I've been missing in action.  It's been a crazy couple of days.  I get up at 5am and teach seminary at 6. Wednesday and Thursday I needed to be at the HS by 7:30.  I ran in from Seminary, changed, threw together a lunch and headed off to work.  I'm so grateful "work" isn't a full time, every day kind of thing.  Wednesday I was at the HS working the OWC band and choir contests, followed by play rehearsal and setting up for Thursday's auditorium rental.  I didn't get home until 9 pm at which time my children needed help with homework and other responsibilities.  I crashed and fell into bed around 11... no time to blog.  Thursday I drug myself out of bed at 5 and was teaching my class at 6.  I ran home to change and was at the HS by 7:30 for an elementary school production at the HS.  I also spent time helping with Senior Projects, more play practice, the second show for the elementary school, and the removal of the sound shell.  Once again, I didn't get home until 9:30 pm.  My poor family.  Once again, there was no time to blog.

So, here is what I missed... two conference talks.

First, I read Elder Russell M. Nelson's talk, Covenants.  I had a few thoughts.  I love the ideas that covenants are more significant than merely an agreement between two people.  God sets the terms and we have the opportunity to accept or reject the terms.  His covenants are eternal.   They can be found throughout the plan.  Covenants are a part of our identity.  We are also responsible for helping fulfill the Abrahamic covenant.  God is counting on us.  We also have the right to receive His doctrine and to know and understand the plan of salvation.  To keep covenants is to keep commandments.  To keep covenants is to serve the Lord.  To keep covenants is to know who we are and what god expects of us.  I'd like to be known as a covenant keeper.  Better keep working.

I also read Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk, Teachings of Jesus.  What do I really believe about Jesus Christ and what am I about it?  I believe that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God.  I believe that He is the first born spiritually.  I believe His physical father is also His spiritual father.  I believe He is in the express image of God the Father.  I believe Jesus Christ is the Creator.  I believe that in the beginning the Word (Christ) was with God the Father and that the Father designed the plans and Christ created all that we know.  I believe that Jesus Christ is the God of Israel.  I believe that through Christ I have gained life... in this life and in the life to come because of He is our creator and because of the Atonement.  I believe that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.  He lights my path and shows me the way.  I believe the Savior He is the most perfect at doing the will of the Father.  Thank the heavens!  Without His willing obedience there would be no Plan in action.  Oh to be able to conform and to have my will be the same as God's will!  Jesus Christ is the perfect example in following the will of God.  Christ as given us the Holy Ghost to guide us, to teach us and to testify to us.  He has given us commandments to guide us.  What can I do because I believe these principles?  I can focus on eternity.  I can keep the commandments and my covenants with God.  I can access the blessings of the Atonement through faith in Him and through repentance.

It was good to examine my testimony in this way.  What a rush!  He lives!  He loves!  That is enough.

What have you learned from Conference lately?

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