Sunday, April 15, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - conference talk

Yesterday and today I read a conference talk. 

The first talk I read was Teaching after the Manner of the Spirit by Matthew O. Richardson.  This was one of my favorite talks in October, and not because I teach seminary.  I loved this talk because it was answer to how I could better reach the big C.

I need inspiration on how to be a "real" mom... and a "real" teacher.

I am searching for a way to teach him without restricting learning.

The "real" teacher is the Holy Ghost... even in and maybe especially in the home.  Parents "should not teach in front of the spirit or behind the Spirit but by the Spirit so the Spirit can teach the truth unrestrained.

Reading this talk reminded me of the impressions I had in October when I first listened to it.  I needed change my way of teaching C and better emulate the way the Spirit would teach C.

I needed to remember that I am teaching a person not lessons or concepts. 

The Holy Ghost teaches the truth of all things, but He doesn't teach them all at once.  He teaches them one at a time.  I need to remember to teach the lessons that each child is ready for.  None of my children is at the same place spiritually.

I needed to remember to stop and listen... to more than just the words.  I needed to carefully observe and then discern what to do next.

The thing is, my first instinct is normally to fly off the handle, yell a little, holler some more, take away everything but bread and water, until I get conformity.

I needed to remember that reaching the heart of my kids needs to be by invitation, prompting, encouraging, and inspiration, not force.  Case in point... I finally changed the requirements to get a driving permit from complete church activity to just keep a clean room and sleep in your own bed.  Church was obviously not going to happen.  But I somehow needed to teach responsibility and a way to make it in the world as an adult.  It took nearly a year.  Finally, a clean room... sleeping in a bed and not the family room chair... and major attitude change.  Still no church, but I mom can hope.  At least we are moving in the right direction.

I need to remember that I can not do what my kids can do for themselves.  I can not feel for them.  I cannot learn for them.  I cannot act for them... I cannot repent for them.  They need to do it for themselves... even if it's hard on the mom.

I need to create an environment where we all learn to value, not just learn about values.  I need to help my family understand and live basic gospel principles.

I need to be "real."

Today I read Choose Eternal Life by Elder Randall K. Bennett.  This talk went so well together!

We are all "free to choose liberty and eternal life."

Sadly, we often think we can live IN both the safety of righteousness and the dangers of worldliness.

Elder Bennett reminded us that prophets teach by the spirit by inviting, encouraging, teaching, reminding and warning us.  They know our safety depends on choosing to follow the insights we gain in daily scripture study, pondering and prayers, the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and the council of the prophets.

I had to make a self check with his suggested questions.  I've got some work to do.

I'm hoping that I can remember these lessons and be the kind of parent my kids need and deserve.

What have you learned fro Conference lately.

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