Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - conference Talk

Today I read Elder J. Devn Cornish  talk entitled The Privilege of Prayer.

I've always thought I'm lousy at prayer.  This talk really confirms this feeling.

I loved a couple of the principles of prayer that Elder Cornish shared:

God "knows each of us individually, and He loves us, everyone.

God will bless us with something as simple as a piece of chicken.

God "wants to bless you."

God will not "infringe upon our agency."

We must approach Him in an attitude of worship, recognizing His greatness and giving Him praise and thanks.

We must "freely acknowledge our dependence on the Lord and express our desire to do His will,"even when it's not the same as our desires.

We must ask for the thing we both want and need.  More importantly, we must be "honest".  Willing to commit and do my part.

We must approach the Lord in the spirit of repentance.  That repentance must be specific, profound, and lasting.

We must also forgive.  "We must drop the matter completely, letting the Lord take it from there, if we desire to be healed."

Prayer is a protection.

God really is in charge.  I don't control of anything.

We must "live" our prayers.

I have so much to work on...

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