Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning

For years now, I have done a "Spring" celebration on the Saturday before Easter and consintrated on the death and ressurection of the Savior on the actual day of Easter.

I only have one "smal" child this year.  Last year I colored eggs and got supplies, but none of her siblings would Easter Egg hunt with her.  She had to call friends to come "hunt" with her.  They were all busy.  She eventually got the other kids teenage friends to come and hunt with her.

This year, I assumed it was going to be the same... her siblings wouldn't want to participate.  I tried to find friends to come to party with her.  Everyone had plans.

Thankfully, our good friends the Tapasa's plans changed and stopped by.  My 14 year old was shocked that I assumed she didn't want to do it.  She was excited to hunt for eggs.

 I will never be able to understand the teenage mind.

Lilli got her Easter egg hunt.

However, the best I saved for this morning.

I had heard of making "Ressurection Rolls" and made sure I had all my supplies.  Ingredients: Pillsbury crescent roll dough, cinnamon, sugar, and large marshmellows.

I woke her up and told her I needed her help to make breakfast.

I had her roll the marshmellow in the cinnamon and sugar and then wrap the marshmellow in the crescent roll dough.  I even let her sprinkle a little extra of the spice mix on top of the rolls.  After placing them on pans, we baked them for 10-12 minutes at  350°.

As we made them we chatted about Easter and what the real meaning was.  We talked about what each ingredient symbolised: the marshmallow - body of Jesus; the cinnamon-sugar mixture – the oil and spices Jesus’ body was anointed with at barial and why his friends may have used them; the dough – the tomb; the cavity in bun – the empty tomb.

The last one she didn't quite understand.  She thought the oven was the emoty tomb.

She was excited to share the breakfast with the family.

The rolls came out.  She was explaining that the marshmellow escaped out of the rolls with holes, but that the ones without holes still had the marshmellow. 

It's been a great morning!

He is risen!  It's glorious morning to remember.

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