Monday, April 9, 2012

Not a Morning Person

(The following represents a morning at the Boyack house).

The big C is NOT a morning person.

8:15 am (the alarm has been going for at least 15 minutes).

"Good morning!  What would you like for breakfast?"

"urmma mumble mumble mumble."

"What was that?" I say in my most cheerful voice.

The irritation is clear.  The voice raises.  "I said CORNFLAKES."  He stumbles to the shower.

I put the cornflakes, milk, bowl, measuring cup (he's on a diet and is VERY picky about how much he is consuming), cup, OJ, and spoon on the table.  Meanwhile, I make oatmeal for the rest of the family, get the girls moving on their day and ask H to clean off the table to we can start school.

"H!  I told you not to touch my stuff.  Where's my stuff?"

"In your backpack.  I was cleaning the table off."

"Gah!  You don't listen!  I told you not to touch my stuff," he yells.

"How long has the milk been out?"

"I just put it on the table."

"Well L always leaves it out and it gets bad (BTW the last 3 times it was left out by C.  I put it away)."

"Well C, I got up early and set an alarm so it would be warmed up for your breakfast."

"Gah!  Why do you think your funny?  Where are my shoes?"

"I assume they are in the family room on the floor where you...."

"Who put them there?  Everyone touches my stuff!"

"How's your room look?  did you make your bed today?"

"I'm airing it out."

"What's the matter?"

"L is looking at me.  She's so annoying!  Did my clothes get in the dryer?"

"I don't know C.  Didn't you do your laundry? (I know he started it because the rest of the laundry is now being trampled on the laundry room floor where he dumped it).  Maybe we should send it out to a laundry service.  I bet they will do a bang up job."

"I need money for that choir thing."

"Do you want me to loan you some?  I thought you had some money in your room."

"I don't like to borrow."

"Are you ready to go?"

"Gah!  No one ever listens!  Just go start the car and wait for me." (I waited for 10 minutes).

He gets in the car and slams the door.  "Drive fast... without getting pulled over.  You made me late."

We arrive at the school.  "Have a great day!" I say with a smile.  "I love you."

"Why do you always tell me what to do?"

Some days are like that.

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  1. You go, Girl! BTW~ I roar at the irony of his "Why do you always tell me what to do?" When 'tis HE who tells you to: "..GET IN the car... and WAIT....DRIVE fast ....etc." You earn your wings in more than one way, in my book!