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The Week at the Boyack's - week 3

Lilli and I started CET (Children's Educational Theater) on Monday morning.  Lilli was super excited.  She couldn't go to sleep until around 11.  She was up around 3am fully dressed and ready to go.  I sent her back to bed.  She was up again at 6 and begged to get going all morning long. After we got home from CET, John and I went to the HS to cut some wood.  John bought a new chop saw for the job.  Sadly, it was broken on the 2nd day of work parties at CET.
Lilli came along to help.
After awhile she got tired and layed down in a box on the shop floor to play "coffin".  I think the long exciting day got to her.
Tuesday was "audition" day at CET.  Lilli will be in the 1st year show directed by Marian Scadden.  She is very excited.  They will perform on July 24 and/or 25th.
Wednesday was a long day.  CET started early for me with a tech class field trip fo make stuff at Pentacle Theater and ended with a work party where a few students and volunteer parents came t…

Book of Mormon Study Conference Roport

Wow!  What a crazy week.  My legs ache.  My alergies returned (down cottonwood trees).  My brain is so tired I can barely thing straight.  Yesterday I left the house at 7am and didn't return until after 10pm.  Needless to say, I was too tired to do a scripture study.  so I'm trying to do it before I leave today.

Today I read Elder Ulisses Soares talk, Abide in the Lord's Territory

"Do my actions place me in the Lord's or in the enemy's territory?"

Oh!  I hope it's the Lord's!

I make too many mistakes in life to count.  It really is embarrassing.  But I am trying.

"You can't be right by doing wrong; you can't be wrong by doing right."

"If we exercise faith and are diligent in obeying the Lord's commandments, we will easily find the correct direction to foll."

I am going to do my best to make this my motto today.  I still have so much to do and far too little time to do it.

I am tired but I don't think I am weary …

Book of Mormon - Conference Talk

Motherhood is filled with ups and downs, triumphs and defeats and it is sometimes a tireless job. Mothers don't get sick days, or vacation days and some days you don't even get the chance to brush your teeth, shower or use the toilet by yourself. I can’t imagine doing things completely by myself; facing a lot of things by yourself whether it is mowing the grass, running your kids places or even who you are going to call when something breaks. It seems overwhelming… maybe even frustrating. Seriously, I can't begin to imagine the stress, the loneliness, the fear, and the grit that go into being a full-time single mom.

Today I read Elder David S Baxter’s conference talk, Faith, Fortitude, Fulfillment: A Message to Single Parents. I immediately thought of two of the most amazing women I know, Nancy and Autunm. These two ladies are raising fabulous kids on their own.

I know it is frustrating for them. I see it in their tired faces. But I see their kids too. Their kids are evide…

Book of Mormon Study - conference Talk

Today was a busy day... CET from 7-1:30, home to work on CET lesson plans, to the HS from 6-9:30 to cut 200 corner blocks and 150 strap and prep cuts for the tree, moon, and shoe.  And then Lilli and I went to the store and she dropped a jar of pickle (how ironic is that?).  I got home after 10 and finally sat down to read some scriptures.  My brain couldn't concentrate so I went with a Conference Talk because it was more modern language.  LOL

Today I read Elder Robert D. Hales talk Coming to Ourselves: The Sacrament, the Temple, and Sacrifice in Service.

For the first time I actually could hear his voice in my head as I read.  That was cool.

He started with one of my favorite stories, the Prodigal Son.  I have always loved this story because it reminds me of all of us.  I think we are each of these characters at different times in our lives.  We are all the bitter faithful son that stayed and worked and feels jipped when his brother returns.  We all have rejoiced when someone we …

Book of Mormon Study - Concerence Talk

I've had my share of pickle juice.

Today I read Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk "The Laborers in the Vineyard.

What a great message!

I am ashamed to admit that for many years I walked around drinking pickle juice.

"It's not fair!"  crept into my thoughts and words more often than I like to admit.

"It's not fair... someone lost a few pounds when I've been working at it forever!"

"It's not fair... someone makes more money than we do when I work my butt off for hand-me-downs and homemade bread."

"It's not fair... that someone else kids get all the breaks and mine are left disappointed on the side lines."

I wasted a lot of time with "it's not fair."

Then I went to see a chiropractor when I was pregnant, after a car accident and while I had my first experience with chicken pox.  (talk about "not fair").

This doctor opened my sees to the possibilities in letting go and letting god that I never r…

Salad Days 435-442

Sunday, June 17 I made a nice spinach salad to go with family dinner.

 Monday, June 18 I had salad in a jar.  I have a feeling I will be having a lot of these babies in the next 5 weeks.  I will be at CET until after dinner.
Tuesday, June 19 I had a green salad with peaches... It's what I could find.
Wednesday, June 20 I made a yummy pork salad that had french onions and stuff.  It was real good.  I think John would like this one again.
Thursday, June 21 I made a salad that was a little like Gazpacho.  It was pretty good.
Friday, June 22 I had salad in a jar again.  I was at CET all day.   They said they were bringing lunch.  I had a feeling that I needed to bring for myself.  I was right.   They served Pizza.  I sure did get some funny looks from the people at this new job.
Saturday, June 23 I wanted Thai food.  John agreed... amazing since he is on Chad's diet.  My salad turned out to be salad roll.  mmmmm... Hey!  I should take those to CET for lunch.  :)
Today, Sunday, June 24 …

The Week at the Boyack's - Week 2

This week isn't every eventful  We actually did a ton of stuff, but I didn't take many pictures.  I think it was mostly because we were all going in different directions.  Most of the week we had someone missing.., leaving us with 2 or 3 kids at home.  Most nights I made dinner and no one was home to eat it.
McKay came one on Tuesday from her trip to New Mexico.  She got to meet all of Myles family members, see the desert, go on a road trip through New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, before flying home from Salt Lake City.  She even got to stop in Springville and see some of John's family and my cousin Moana for a few minutes.
She stopped at a couple of temples on the way.  I think it would have been cool to stop at every temple she passed and take a picture.  I want to do the someday.  She then worked the rest of the week and started wedding planning. 
Ben came to play a couple times this week.  He really likes the solid foods he is able to try.  He isn't a big fan of baby f…

Book of Mormon Study - Alma 49

In this chapter we read of the fruits of their labor in fortifying their cities. I likened this to our my war against Satan:

vv 1-2: They rebuilt their cities = I must repent and strengthen my weakness

vv 3-7: The Lamanites prepared to attack what they though were the weakest cities, and had prepared themselves with armor = Satan will tempt me with the same sin and aim at what he sees as my weakness, but will go about it in different ways.

vv 8-15: The Lamanites recognized the strength of Ammoniha so they turned their attention to a weaker city = If Satan fails at attacking what he thought was a weakness, he will search for another weakness to attack (tempt) me.

vv 16-20: The Nephites had prepared the weak city with the strongest men = I should prepare myself with my strongest defense of faith, scripture study, testimony, etc, so that I will be fully fortified and protected.

vv 21-25: Not only did the Nephites prepare offensively before-hand, but they fought defensively until the Lama…

Book of Mormon Study - Alma 48

There is so much in this chapter that was great- Today deserves a picture.

I can’t help comparing Captain Moroni in this chapter, to Amalickiah in the last chapters. What a difference!

He prepared the minds of the people to be faithful to the Lord; he built small forts, and heaped banks of earth and built stone walls; he taught them not to love the killing but to defend their families and their freedom to love God. I look at this preparation as strengthening my family through FHE and family traditions (small forts), family prayer (heaps of earth grounding us in who we are – children of God), and family scripture study (stone walls with a foundation in Christ).

I love the fact that Captain Moroni spent his time fortifying the Nephites and their strongholds. HE especially paid close attention to their weak points. In a spiritual sense, it is important for me to not just focus on the things I am good at and my strengths. Satan will not try to attack me there. He will go for my weaknesse…

Book of Mormon Study - Alma 47

Alma 47 is an interesting story… Amalickiah follows the same path that Lucifer did:

46:4 He wanted to be king – Satan “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God" (2 Nephi 24:13).

46:3 He was angry with his brethren – Satan was angry and “rebelled against the Only Begotten Son" (D&C 76:25).

46:5 Led many away by flattery – Satan uses flattery as His number 1 tool. Others he flattereth away" (2 Nephi 28:22).

46:10 Sought to destroy the church of God, and the foundation of liberty – Satan - "Sought to destroy the agency of man" (Moses 4:3).

46:10 Was cast out – Satan was cast out, "and, at that day, many followed after him" (Abraham 3:28).

46:10 “Did care not for the blood of his people" (Alma 49:10). Satan “will not support his children at the last day" (Alma 30:60).

47:4 Desired to do evil – Satan desires to do evil and desires that we join him.

47:12 Used trickery by degrees – Satan uses little lies to ensnare us… one step at a tim…

Book of Mormon Study - Alma 46

The first thing that gets my attention in Alma 46 is that much harm is done because someone got their knickers in a twist… “exceedingly wroth.” This anger motivated a man to use “flattering words” to lead others away from truth and righteousness.

I am struck by the idea that people are quick to forget where blessings and strength come from… they are quick to return to wicked ways.

Captain Moroni squelched the threat of an overthrow and potential bloodshed by reminding the Nephites of their covenants, what they believed, and what they fought for. He empowered them with the title of liberty. He lead them by walking with them, always saying we (vs. 18) rather than you. He truly was a great leader who loved God and his people.

In vs. 9 it states that "we also see the great wickedness on very wicked man can cause to take place among the children of men." I hear the term "the ripple effect" referring to the influence one person can have on many. This is true for the good…

The Week at the Boyack's - Week One

My family is soon to be spreading out across the countryside.  Siblings and parents from Idaho to Utah, to Texas to Arizona and right here in Oregon, not to mention missionaries who are like family and friends that have moved far away, I decided it was about time that I started reporting what the family was up to on a more consistent basis... especially as my own kids begin to move out.  If I don't make an effort I risk the reality that they will never really know each other.  I am the oldest of all my siblings and I moved out when my youngest sister was 5.  A few years later one of my sisters told me that I was more like a long lost aunt that showed up for holidays that I was a sister... totally my fault.  So to help my kids avoid the same fate I'm going to do my best to report what happened over the past week for a whole year.  Today I report on week one... June10-June 17. 
Monday we returned from a camping trip at the coast (please see my previous post about Castle Camping…

Salad Days -day 422-434

It is once again that time to catch up on my salad reports.  I really should do better at reporting in a timely manner.  June 4 I had a salad with sprouts.  Sprouts are good on a salad but they don't last long in the fridge.
June5 I had a green salad with a light dressing.

June 6 I turned to subway.  At least there is a healthy option out there.
June 7 I was back to having a plain green salad.
June 8 I had spinach and feta and a Greek dressing.
June 9 we made tabbouleh.  Love this salad.
June 10 we made Fajitas while camping.  I made mine into a yummy salad.
June 11 I had a plain green salad.  I was too tired for anything else.  Camping for 4 days was a long time on this old girl.
June 12 I had salad greens, onions, and tomatoes.
June 13 I enjoyed a nice fresh salad.
June 14 I made taco salad.
June 15 we went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants.  We shared Fajitas for two.  I made mine into mostly a salad.
June 16 I was too hot to like food.  I don't deal with heat very well.  I e…